50 Kingsoft Writer Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

A warm welcome to you in Kingsoft Writer Shortcuts for training and learning. We have assembled here in order for you to quickly learn the Kingsoft Writer Shortcuts that will optimize your work and save you time. Everyone wants everything to get things done quickly. Hence for doing anything quicker, you must know its shortcuts.

Download Kingsoft Writer Shortcuts PDF

The below list of Kingsoft Writer shortcuts will help you to work more effectively and smarter. It will help with enhancing the documents. Download the Kingsoft Writer Shortcuts list in the form of a PDF. All these Kingsoft Writer Shortcuts will work on both Windows and Linux devices.

Editing Shortcuts

Action Kingsoft Writer Shortcuts
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Cut Ctrl + X
Bold Ctrl + B
Italic Ctrl + I
Underline Ctrl + U
Align Center Ctrl + E
Align Right Ctrl + R
Align Left Ctrl + L
Justify Ctrl + J
Insert Page Break Ctrl + Enter
Insert New Blank Field Ctrl + F9
Insert Manual Break Shift + Enter
Zoom in Font Ctrl + Shift + ,
Zoom out Font Ctrl + Shift + .
Changes Field to Text Ctrl + Shift + F9
Align Selected Text as Distributed Ctrl + Shift + J
Change All Field Text Alt + F9
Decrease the Indent Level of the Paragraph Alt + Shift + Left Arrow key
Increase the Indent Level of the Paragraph Alt + Shift + Right Arrow key
Changes Select Text to SubScript Ctrl + =
Change Select Text to SuperScript Ctrl + Shift + =
Collapse Selected Items Alt + Shift + –
Expand Selected Items Alt + Shift + =
Moves Selected Item Down within Outline Alt + Shift + Down Arrow key
Moves Selected Item Up within Outline Alt + Shift + Up Arrow key
Split Table by Column Shift + Alt + Enter
Split Table by Row Shift + Ctrl + Enter
Enter Insert Mode Insert
Update Field Code F9
Change Text Field to Code Field Shift + F9
Pops Word Count dialog Ctrl + Shift + G
Close Window Ctrl + W
Help F1

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Navigation Shortcuts

Action Kingsoft Writer Shortcuts
Go to the beginning of the Document Ctrl + Home
Go to End of Document Ctrl + Tab
Go to the Beginning of the Line Home
Go to the End of the Line End
Switch to Next Document Tab Ctrl + Tab
Switch to the Previous Document Tab Ctrl + Shift + Tab

Display Object & Dialog Box Shortcuts

Action Kingsoft Writer Shortcuts
Display MS Visual Basic Editor Alt + F11
Display Macro Dialog Alt + F8
Display Level 1…9 Under Outline View Alt + Shift + 1…9
Display Font Dialog Box Ctrl + D
Display Find Dialog Box Ctrl + F
Display Go to Dialog Box Ctrl + G
Replace Ctrl + H
Print Dialog Box Ctrl + P
Display Hyperlink Dialog Box Ctrl + K
Display Save As Dialog Box F12
Spelling Check Dialog Box F7

Kingsoft Writer is considered an economical and compatible alternative to Microsoft Office Word processor. It is a good option for those who are looking for a powerful yet cheaper alternative. The appearance of Kingsoft Writer is almost the same as Word. Consider taking a look at the Microsoft Word Shortcuts list.


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