Dolphin File Manager Keyboard Shortcuts

for Linux

Many people love Dolphin that does not include me though. The one Dolphin that I love is the Dolphin file Manager sitting on my laptop. It is a basic component of modern operating systems. Dolphin File Manager Shortcuts will be beneficial for all Linux users as it is the most configurable file manager.

Download Dolphin File Manager Shortcuts PDF

Just like Dolphins are known for their speed, I too can try to match the speed by using the Dolphin File Manager shortcuts. Here, given below is the list of powerful Dolphin File Manager Shortcut keys. Even download this Dolphin File Manager Shortcut keys list in the form of a PDF.

Most used Dolphin File Manager Shortcuts

Action Linux Shortcuts
New Tab Ctrl + T
Switch to the next tab Ctrl + ,
Switch to the previous tab Ctrl + .
Show Full location Ctrl + L
View Mode – Icons Ctrl + 1
View Mode – Details Ctrl + 2
View Mode – Columns Ctrl + 3
Split View F3
View Konsole Terminal Emulator F4
View Konsole in the new window Shift + F4
View Folders Panel F7
Go to Places F9
Activate Information Panel F11
Select multiple items – one at a time Ctrl + Click
Select multiple items – consecutive range Shift + Click

Dolphin File Manager is a magnificent alternative to Windows File Manager. As it is faster and light in weight and operates instantly. And if you are even looking for a more alternative file manager to Windows File Manager then you must consider Multi Commander. Look into both of its Shortcuts lists right here on our website Windows File Manager Shortcuts and Multi Commander Shortcuts.


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