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25 Feedly Keyboard Shortcuts

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Feedly and Feedly shortcuts come into the role play when you are missing a lot of great content, and find yourself letting the content go through your fingers. Feedly accumulates all the information and news from various sources and presents them in one single space, hence making it convenient. Feedly in other words is a content curation tool.

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There are various reasons why you wish to stay on top of content. Feedly gets even more convenient with Feedly shortcuts. The given below list of feedly Shortcuts will help you to remain competitive in the field and get the most out of Feedly. Download the Feedly Shortcuts list in the form of a PDF.

Most used Feedly Shortcuts

Action Feedly Shortcut keys
Open selected article Enter
Close selected article Esc
Toggle the selected article open or closed O
Toggle mark as read M
Mark as read and hide X
Save for later S
Share via buffer B
Clip to Evernote C
Refresh R
Open next article J
Open the previous article K
Select next article N
Select the previous article P
View the original in a new tab V
Go home G then H
Go to all articles view G then A
Go to saved articles view G then I
Go to the magic bar G then G
Next feed or collection Shift + J
Previous feed or collection Shift + K
Mark all articles as read Shift + A
Preview Shift + V
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Feedly weaves the content from the RSS feeds of your favorite website into a fun magazine experience. Google Reader users would have surely migrated to Feedly after it shut down in January. As Feedly was the best substitute for Google Reader. Netvibes is the best substitute for Feedly. Peep at the Netvibes Shortcuts list.


What is Feedly?

Feedly is a popular web-based RSS reader that allows users to gather and organize their favorite news sources, blogs, and websites in one place. It provides a clean and customizable interface for easily browsing and reading content from various sources.

What are some commonly used shortcuts in Feedly?

Here are some commonly used shortcuts in Feedly: J: Scroll down to the next article or item. | K: Scroll up to the previous article or item. | O: Open the selected article or item in the reading pane or in a new tab. | V: Open the selected article or item in a new browser window. | S: Save the selected article or item for later.


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