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25 Feedly Keyboard Shortcuts

Feedly and its shortcuts play a crucial role when you’re inundated with a wealth of content but find yourself struggling to keep up. By aggregating information and news from various sources into a single space, Feedly serves as a convenient content curation tool.

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Staying abreast of content is essential for various reasons, and Feedly has become even more user-friendly with its shortcuts. The list below outlines Feedly Shortcuts, empowering you to stay competitive in your field and make the most of Feedly. You can download the Feedly Shortcuts list in PDF format.

Most used Feedly Shortcuts

Action Feedly Shortcut keys
Open selected article Enter
Close selected article Esc
Toggle the selected article open or closed O
Toggle mark as read M
Mark as read and hide X
Save for later S
Share via buffer B
Clip to Evernote C
Refresh R
Open next article J
Open the previous article K
Select next article N
Select the previous article P
View the original in a new tab V
Go home G then H
Go to all articles view G then A
Go to saved articles view G then I
Go to the magic bar G then G
Next feed or collection Shift + J
Previous feed or collection Shift + K
Mark all articles as read Shift + A
Preview Shift + V
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Feedly compiles content from the RSS feeds of your favorite websites, providing a delightful magazine-like experience. Following the shutdown of Google Reader in January, many users migrated to Feedly as the top alternative. Now, Netvibes emerges as a prime substitute for Feedly. Take a look at the Netvibes Shortcuts list.



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