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25 Feedly Shortcuts You Should Know

List of Feedly Shortcuts

Learn Feedly Shortcuts for Web Application

Most used Feedly Shortcuts

Action Feedly Shortcut keys
Open selected article Enter
Close selected article Esc
Toggle selected article open or closed O
Toggle mark as read M
Mark as read and hide X
Save for later S
Share via buffer B
Clip to Evernote C
Refresh R
Open next article J
Open the previous article K
Select next article N
Select the previous article P
View original in a new tab V
Go home G then H
Go to all articles view G then A
Go to saved articles view G then I
Go to the magic bar G then G
Next feed or collection Shift + J
Previous feed or collection Shift + K
Mark all articles as read Shift + A
Preview Shift + V
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Download Feedly Shortcut keys PDF

Download Feedly Shortcuts PDF


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