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15 Informatica PowerCenter Shortcuts

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Learn Informatica PowerCenter Shortcuts for Windows

Editing a repository object Shortcuts

Action Informatica PowerCenter Shortcut keys
Cancel editing in a cell Esc
Select and clear a check box Spacebar
Copy text from a cell onto the clipboard Ctrl + C
Cut text from a cell onto the clipboard Ctrl + X
Edit the text of a cell F2
(type the first letter on the list) Find all combinations and list boxes A – Z
Find tables or fields in the workspace Ctrl + F
Move around cells in a dialog box Ctrl + Arrow keys
Paste copied or cut text from the clipboard into a cell Ctrl + V
Select the text of a cell F2

Navigating in the workspace Shortcuts

Action Informatica PowerCenter Shortcuts
Create links Ctrl + F2
Edit task name in the workspace F2
Expand the selected node and all its children Shift + *
Move across Select tasks in the workspace Tab
Select multiple tasks Ctrl + Left Mouse Click



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