70 SolveSpace Shortcuts for Windows & Mac

List of SolveSpace Shortcuts

Learn SolveSpace Shortcuts for Windows & Mac

Most used SolveSpace Shortcuts

Action SolveSpace Shortcuts Windows SolveSpace Shortcuts Mac
New Ctrl + N R
Open Ctrl + O I
Save Ctrl + S V
Copy Ctrl + C S
Paste Ctrl + V M
Cut Ctrl + X D
Undo Ctrl + Z Return
Redo Ctrl + Y Esc
Regenerate All Spacebar Spacebar
Snap Selection to Grid . .
Rotate Imported 90° 9 9
Paste Transformed Ctrl + T End
Delete Delete Delete
Select Edge Chain Ctrl + E Command + End
Select All Ctrl + A Page Up key
Unselect All Esc Esc

Constraint Shortcuts

Action Windows Shortcuts Mac Shortcuts
Distance or Diameter D D
Angle N N
Other Supplementary Angle U U
Toggle Reference Dim E E
Horizontal H H
Vertical V V
On Point or Curve O O
Equal Length or Radius Q Q
Length Ratio Z Z
At Midpoint M M
Symmetric Y Y
Parallel or Tangent L L
Same Orientation X X
Lock Point Where Dragged ] ]
Comment ; ;

Sketch Shortcuts

Action Windows Shortcuts Mac Shortcuts
In Workplace 2 2
Anywhere in 3D 3 3
Datum Point P P
Line Segment S S
Rectangle R R
Circle C C
Arc of a Circle A A
Bezier Cubic Spline B B
Text in True Type Font T T
Toggle Construction G G
Tangent Arc at Point Shift + A Shift + A
Split Curves at Intersection I I

Analyse Shortcuts

Action Windows Shortcuts Mac Shortcuts
Measure Volume Ctrl + Shift + V Command + Shift + V
Measure Area Ctrl + Shift + A Command + Shift + A
Show Interfering Parts Ctrl + Shift + I Command + Shift + I
Show Naked Edges Ctrl + Shift + N Command + Shift + N
Show Degrees of Freedom Ctrl + Shift + F Command + Shift + F
Trace Point Ctrl + Shift + T Command + Shift + T
Stop Tracing Ctrl + Shift + S Command + Shift + S
Step Dimension Ctrl + Shift + D Command + Shift + D

New Group Shortcuts

Action Windows Shortcuts Mac Shortcuts
Sketch in 3D Shift + 3 Shift + 3
Sketch in New Workplace Shift + W Shift + W
Step Translating Shift + T Shift + T
Step Rotating Shift + R Shift + R
Extrude Shift + X Shift + X
Lathe Shift + L Shift + L
Import or Assemble Shift + I Shift + I

View Menu Shortcuts

Action Windows Shortcuts Mac Shortcuts
Zoom In + +
Zoom Out
Zoom To Fit F F
Align View to Workplace W W
Nearest Ortho View F2 F2
Nearest Isometric View F3 F3
Center at View Point F4 F4
Show Snap Grid > >
Use Perspective Projection
Show Text Window Tab Tab

Download Solvespace Shortcuts PDF

Download SolveSpace Shortcuts PDF


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