20 KeeWeb Keyboard Shortcuts

List of KeeWeb Shortcuts

Learn KeeWeb Shortcuts for Windows

Most Used KeeWeb Shortcuts

Action KeeWeb Shortcut keys
Auto-type selected entry Shift + Alt + T
Copy password Shift + Alt + C
Copy user Shift + Alt + B
Copy website Shift + Alt + U
Show all items Ctrl + A
Show items with colors Alt + C
Go to Trash Alt + D
Search Ctrl + F
Clear search Esc
Copy password or selected field Ctrl + C
Copy user Ctrl + B
Auto-type selected entry Ctrl + T
Go to the previous item Up Arrow Key
Go to the next item Down Arrow Key
Create entry Alt + N
Open / New Ctrl + O
Save all files Ctrl + S
Generate password Ctrl + G
Application settings Ctrl + ,
Lock database Ctrl + L



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