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47 PythonWin Keyboard Shortcuts

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General Shortcuts

Action PythonWin Shortcut Keys
Reformat the current paragraph/comment block Alt + Q
Toggle view whitespace Ctrl + W
Expand the word at the cursor Pressing the key again expands to the next match Alt + /
Auto-expand the attribute .
Toggle focus to/from the interactive window Alt + I

Builtin hotkeys Shortcuts

Action PythonWin Shortcut keys
Zoom-in for the current window Ctrl + +
Zoom-out for the current window Ctrl + –
Delete the word to the left of the cursor Ctrl + Backspace
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Cut Ctrl + X
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Select All Ctrl + A
Delete the current line Ctrl + Shift + L
Transpose (swap) the current line with the line above Ctrl + T
Convert the selection to lowercase Ctrl + U
Convert the selection to upper case Ctrl + Shift + U

Editor Shortcuts

Action PythonWin Shortcuts
Move to the next bookmark F2
Add or remove a bookmark on the current line Ctrl + F2
Prompt for and go a specific line number Ctrl + G
Adds a simple comment banner at the current location Alt + B
Uncomment the selected region Shift + Alt + 3
Block comment on the selected region Alt + 3
Uncomment the selected region (IDLE default keystroke) Alt + 4
Tabify the selected region Alt + 5
Untabify the selected region Alt + 6
Remove the selected region or one character or indent to the left Backspace
Toggle the use of tabs for the current file (after confirmation) Ctrl + T
Change the indent width for the current file Alt + U
Insert a newline and indent Enter
Insert an indent, perform a block indent if a selection exists, or accept an attribute selection Tab
Block dedent the selection Shift + Tab
Toggle view when editor splitter is open F6
If the current line is a collapsed fold, expand it (see Folding) +
Expand all folds in the current file (see Folding ) Alt + +
If the current line is an expanded fold, collapse it (see Folding)
Collapse all folds in the current file regardless of how deep the fold becomes (see Folding) Alt + –
Expand or collapse all top-level folds in the current file *

Debugger Shortcuts

Action PythonWin Shortcuts
Toggle breakpoint F9
Run (ie, go) F5
Stop debugging Shift + F5
Single step into functions F11
Step over functions F10
Step out of the current function Shift + F11

Interactive Shortcuts

Action PythonWin Shortcuts
Recall the previous command in the history list Ctrl + Up Arrow Key
Recall the next command in the history list Ctrl + Down Arrow Key



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