20 Pivotal Tracker Keyboard Shortcuts

for macOS

Download Pivotal Tracker Shortcuts PDF

Learn Pivotal Tracker Shortcuts for Mac

Most used Pivotal Tracker Shortcut keys

Action Pivotal Tracker Shortcut Keys
Open Skiplink Navigation Shift + A
Toggle Backlog Shift + B
Toggle displaying of the Done panel Shift + D
Toggle Project History Shift + H
Toggle Icebox Shift + I
Toggle My Work Shift + W
Toggle Labels Shift + L
Toggle Current Shift + C
Toggle Epics Panel Shift + E
Help ?
Add Story A
Add Epic E
Select Story Tab
Start Moving Story Spacebar
Move Story Up & Down Arrow key
Commit Move Spacebar
Search /
Save the currently open story Command + S
Save comment being edited Command + Enter
New line Enter


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