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34 Far Manager Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Most used Far Manager Shortcuts

Action Far Manager Shortcuts
Change file attributes Ctrl + A
Screen grabber Alt + Insert
Maximize window Alt + F9
Configure plugins Alt + Shift + F9
Hide windows while the keys are held Ctrl + Alt + Shift
Edit folders attributes F4
Scroll long names Alt + Left & Right Arrow key
Copy the names of the selected files into the clipboard (when the command line is empty) Ctrl + Insert
Copy the names of the selected files into the clipboard (when the command line is not empty) Ctrl + Shift + Insert
Copy network (unc) names into the clipboard Ctrl + Alt + Insert
Copy full (with path) names into the clipboard Alt + Shift + Insert
Full file name from the active panel, Ctrl + : from passive Ctrl + F
Command string completion from the history Ctrl + End
Command history Alt + F8
Find folder Alt + F10
View and edit history Alt + F11
Folder history Alt + F12
Archive management commands Shift + F1
Show the last menu command Shift + F10
Back to root Ctrl + \
Show root directory in explorer Shift + Enter
Enter in an archive / especially SFX Ctrl + Page Down key
Run a command on selected files, like “rar32 m !.!.rar !.!” to rar each file in its own archive Ctrl + G
Record a keyboard macro Ctrl + Num key
Wipe the file, overwrite with 0, truncate, rename to a temp name, and delete Alt + Delete
Task list Ctrl + W
Switch panes (screens) inside of Far F12
Restore previous selection Ctrl + M
Select the file and move to the next Ctrl + Enter
Selects an item not changing its positions Shift + Enter
Start recording the macro. Press again to end and assign a key Ctrl + .
Then press a key you want to erase, to erase a macro Ctrl + . Then Ctrl + .
Disconnect flash drive Shift + Delete
Remove CD Delete


What is Far Manager?

Far Manager is a popular file manager for Windows that provides a dual-pane interface with powerful file management features, including file search, file comparison, archive support, and FTP/SFTP client.

How do I navigate through files and folders in Far Manager?

Far Manager uses a dual-pane interface, where each pane displays a folder hierarchy. You can use the arrow keys, mouse, or keyboard shortcuts to navigate through the folders and files.

How do I copy or move files in Far Manager?

To copy or move files, select the files in one pane and press F5 to copy or F6 to move them to the other pane.

How do I search for files in Far Manager?

Press F7 to open the search dialog box, and then enter the search criteria. Far Manager provides various search options, including file name, file content, date, and size.

How do I compare two files in Far Manager?

Select the two files in different panes, and then press Ctrl+F3 to compare them. Far Manager displays the differences between the files, and you can edit them if necessary.


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