40 Deltek Costpoint 8.1 Keyboard Shortcuts

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Learn Deltek Costpoint 8.1 Shortcuts for Windows

Line Shortcuts

Action Deltek Costpoint Shortcuts
Duplicate a selected line/record Ctrl + E
Force validation for the selected line Alt + V
Add a new line/record F2
Mark a selected line/record for deletion Ctrl + Delete

Edit Shortcuts

Action Deltek CostPoint Shortcuts
Copy selected text Ctrl + C
Cut selected text Ctrl + X
Paste copied or cut text Ctrl + V
Undo the last action taken Ctrl + Z

File Shortcuts

Action Deltek CostPoint Shortcut keys
Clone selected F4
Print the default report Shift + Ctrl + P
Save all changes and continue working on the application F6
Log out Ctrl + Shift + F12
Force validation for an object Ctrl + Alt + V
Close the current application Alt + W
Add a new row F2
Save all changes F5
Execute the default application process F3

Option Shortcuts

Action Deltek CostPoint Shortcut keys
Go to the next Ctrl + B
Go to the previous Ctrl + Left Arrow Key
Go to the last Ctrl + Down Arrow Key
Go to the first Ctrl + Up Arrow Key
Toggle between table and form view Ctrl + M
Toggle between viewing new and existing records Alt + Ctrl + T
Go to the next tab Ctrl + Tab
Open the Query window F11
Open a Lookup window F10
Reset the default positioning and view Shift + Alt + Z
Show/hide messages & errors Shift + F3

Miscellaneous Shortcuts

Action Deltek CostPoint Shortcut keys
Decrease the scale of a report Alt + –
Increase the scale of a report Alt + +
Click OK on a subtask Alt + O
Print a report in the report preview Alt + P
Go to the next open application Alt + J
Open the Print Options window Ctrl + Alt + P
Copy selected text or selected rows (if no text is selected) Ctrl + C
Open the My Menu window. F8
Open the help file Shift + F1
Refresh all Shift + F11
Process the default action Shift + Ctrl + R
Toggle record section Shift + F7



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