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30 Freshdesk Shortcuts for Web

List of Freshdesk Shortcuts

Learn Freshdesk Shortcuts for Web Applications

Tickets Shortcuts

Action Freshdesk Shortcut keys
Select Ticket X
Open Ticket Enter
Assign the Ticket to Yourself @
Delete a Ticket #
Close Ticket ~
Mark Ticket as Spam !
Reply to Ticket R
Forward Ticket F
Add Note to Ticket N
Add Yourself as Watcher to A Ticket W
Add Time to Ticket M
Expand Conversation in a Ticket ]
View Activities of Ticket [
Go to Next Page Alt + Right Arrow key
Go to Previous Page Alt + Left Arrow key
Move Cursor to the Previous Ticket K
Move Cursor to Next Ticket J
Close Ticket without Sending Email Notifications Alt + ~
Go to Next Ticket Alt + Right Arrow key
Go to the Previous Ticket Alt + Left Arrow key

Navigation Shortcuts

Action Freshdesk Shortcut keys
Go to Dashboard G then D
Go to Tickets G then T
Go to Social Tab G then E
Go to Solution Tab G then S
Go to Forums Tab G then F
Go to Customers Tab G then C
Go to Reports Tab G then R
Go to Admin Tab G then A
Open New Ticket Form G then N
Open Outbound Mail G then M
Place Cursor in Search Box /
List of Keyboard Shortcuts ?

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