50 Google Drive Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

download google drive shortcuts pdf

Google Drive Shortcuts are introduced with the hope to increase the overall user experience. There are drive shortcuts for users to store files on the server, synchronize files across devices, share files, etc. This feature of Google Drive is what makes it look outstanding.

Download Google Drive Shortcuts PDF

The Google Drive Shortcuts will not only just save you time but also make your user experience very ergonomic. Below we are providing you with a list of Google Drive Shortcuts keys for Windows users. For better learning, you can even download the Google Drive Shortcuts for Windows users in the form of a PDF.

Menu Shortcuts

Action Google Drive Shortcuts
Open create menu c
Open actions menu a
Open folder menu f
Open sort menu r
Open settings menu t

Item Action Shortcuts

Action Google Drive Shortcut keys
Open item Enter
Rename item n
Share selected item .
Preview selected item p
Remove Delete
Move selected items z
Add selected items to a folder Shift + Z
Undo the last action Ctrl + Z
Redo the last action Ctrl + Shift + Z

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Item Selection Shortcuts

Action Google Drive Shortcut keys
Select Down Item j
Select Up Item k
Select Right Item l
Select Left Item h
Select or Unselect the item Ctrl + Spacebar
Extend Selection Down Shift + Down Arrow key
Extend Selection Up Shift + Up Arrow key
Extend Selection Right Shift + Right Arrow key
Extend Selection Left Shift + Left Arrow key
Move Focus Up without Changing the selection Ctrl + Up Arrow key
Move Focus Down without Changing the selection Ctrl + Down Arrow key
Move Focus Left without Changing the selection Ctrl + Left Arrow key
Move Focus Right without Changing the selection Ctrl + Right Arrow key
Select all items Ctrl + A
Clear all selections Shift + N

Navigation Shortcuts

Action Google Drive Shortcut keys
Go to the navigation panel G then N
Go to items view G then I
Go to the details pane G then D
Go to the top of the application G then T
Go to download status G then A
Go to upload status G then U
Toggle grid view and list view V
Show or hide the details pane D
Show or hide the activity pane I

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Create New Items Shortcuts

Action Google Drive Shortcut keys
Create new document Shift + T
Create new presentation Shift + P
Create new spreadsheet Shift + S
Create new drawing Shift + D
Create new folder Shift + F
Create new form Shift + O

Other Google Drive Shortcuts

Action Google Drive Shortcut keys
Search your Drive /
Show the last message M
Display keyboard shortcuts list Ctrl + /

With these above Google Drive Shortcut keys, you can navigate a little faster in Drive. Well, I would say that you must start using Shortcuts to stay organized. Gmail keyboard shortcuts are very much popular but to no surprise, Drive Shortcuts too are very much in demand. We have a list of Gmail keyboard shortcuts in PDF form as well.



Can you make shortcuts in Google Drive?

Go to Google Drive, Right Click the File or Folder where you want to create the shortcut, and Click add a shortcut to Drive

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