Binding of Isaac Rebirth Game Keyboard Shortcuts

Binding of Isaac: Rebirth keyboard controls

Edmund McMillen created and Nicalis developed and released this “roguelike” game. It is a recreation of The Binding of Isaac, an Adobe Flash game that was launched in 2011. In November 2014, Binding of Isaac: Rebirth was made available. The list of keyboard shortcuts for the game Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is displayed on this page.

Download Binding of Isaac Rebirth Keyboard Controls PDF

Learn Binding of Isaac Rebirth Game Shortcuts for Windows

Most used Binding of Isaac Rebirth Hotkeys

Action Binding of Isaac Rebirth Hotkeys
Walk Up W
Walk Down S
Walk Left A
Walk Right D
Shoot to the pressed direction Arrow keys
Item Spacebar
Bomb E
Pill r Card Q
(Hold) Drop Ctrl
Map Tab
Restart R
Fullscreen F
Mute M
Pause P


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