25 Binding of Isaac Rebirth Keyboard Shortcuts

Every gamer, while playing any game, needs to have proper control or knowledge of shortcuts to navigate smoothly. In other words, to fully enjoy the game, you need to know the Binding of Isaac Rebirth shortcuts. It’s an action shooter game with heavy elements, granting players superpowers and abilities to fight creatures, discover secrets, and navigate safely.

Download Binding of Isaac Rebirth Keyboard Controls PDF

Below is a comprehensive list of Binding of Isaac Rebirth shortcuts that can enhance your gameplay experience. Obtain the PDF version of the Binding of Isaac Rebirth Shortcut keys for easy reference.

Most Used Binding of Isaac Rebirth Controls

Action Binding of Isaac Rebirth Controls
Walk Up W
Walk Down S
Walk Left A
Walk Right D
Shoot to the pressed direction Arrow keys
Item Spacebar
Bomb E
Pill r Card Q
(Hold) Drop Ctrl
Map Tab
Restart R
Fullscreen F
Mute M
Pause P

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