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15 Groove Music Keyboard Shortcuts

Groove Music is a music player application introduced for Windows 10 devices. With Groove Music shortcuts, you can play music, create your playlists, and access a large music catalog for paid subscribers. You can also listen to music stored in the MP3 library as well as on OneDrive.

Download Groove Music Shortcuts PDF

Essentially, Groove is perfect for simple music listeners who prefer a less complicated music player. However, if you wish to switch or migrate, Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Music are also available options. Nevertheless, we have compiled a list of Microsoft Groove Music shortcut keys for your convenience. Download the Groove Music shortcuts for Windows users in PDF format.

Most used Groove Music Shortcut keys

Action Groove Music Shortcut keys
Play or Pause Ctrl + P
Forward or skip to the next song Ctrl + F
Backward or Restart the current song Ctrl + B
Volume Up F9
Volume Down F8
Mute or Unmute Volume F7
Repeat On or Off Ctrl + T
Shuffle On or Off Ctrl + H
Select an item and enter the Selection mode Ctrl + Enter
Select All Ctrl + A
Delete selected item Delete
Play selected item Ctrl + Shift + P
Search Ctrl + Q

Due to the rollout of a new media player, the Groove Music app has been replaced by Media Player in Windows 11. The media collection in the Groove app automatically transitioned to the new media player. Take a look at Groove’s alternative, which is Windows Media Player shortcuts.



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