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20 Google Calendar Keyboard Shortcuts

Google Calendar shortcuts help you view the calendar, edit events, work with tasks and notes, etc. People usually use Google Calendar to keep track of events. However, Google Calendar is more than just a scheduling tool once you know its shortcuts.

Download Google Calendar Shortcuts PDF

From the list below of Google Calendar shortcut keys, the most used shortcuts are D, W, and M. D stands for daily view, W stands for weekly view, and M stands for monthly view. The reason for providing this list of Google Calendar shortcut keys is so that you can control it like a pro. You can even download the Google Calendar shortcut keys in PDF form.

Most used Google Calendar Shortcut keys

Action Google Calendar Shortcut keys
View previous period P
View next period N
Refresh view R
View Today T
Day view D
Week view W
Month View M
Custom view X
Agenda view A
Create event C
Quick add event Q
Event details E
Delete event Backspace
Undo the last action Ctrl + Z
Focus on the search box /
Focus on the add a calendar box Shift + +
Print Ctrl + P
Settings S
Show a list of shortcut keys Ctrl + ?

The above calendar shortcuts will boost your productivity in any browser, whether Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge. I hope this list of shortcuts was very helpful to you! Microsoft Outlook Calendar can be a great and dependable choice instead of Google Calendar. Have a detailed look at Microsoft Outlook shortcuts.



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