50 Framer X Keyboard Shortcuts

Framer X Shortcuts are indispensable for designers looking to streamline their workflow and collaborate effectively with their team on every aspect of the product. This prototyping tool represents the latest and most advanced version of Framer Studio, tailored specifically for macOS users.

Download Framer X Shortcuts PDF

By leveraging Framer X shortcuts alongside the application’s features, designers can create realistic prototype designs and easily animate sophisticated interactions. Below is a list of Framer X shortcuts, which although not extensive, can prove incredibly handy. You can download the Framer X Shortcuts list in PDF format.

Most used Framer X Shortcuts

Action Framer X Shortcut keys
New Command + Option + N
Download Command + Option + S
Show Preview Command + P
Preview in New Window Command + Option + P
Upload Image Command + Option + I
Export Selection Command + E
Export all Command + Option + E
Group Command + G
Ungroup Command + Shift + G
Bold Command + B
Italic Command + I
Underline Command + U
Undo Command + Z
Redo Command + Shift + Z
Copy Style Command + Option + C
Paste Style Command + Option + V
Duplicate Command + D
Lock Command + L
Hide Command + ;
Rename Command + R
Select All Command + A
Select All Siblings Command + Shift + A
Select All Children Command + Option + A

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Tools Shortcuts

Action Framer X Shortcut keys
Insert I
Frame F
Round U
Text T
Stack S
Link L
Graphic G
Comment C
Handoff H
Zoom Z
Sample Color Control + C

Layout Shortcuts

Action Framer X Shortcut keys
Add Frame Command + Return
Add Stack Command + Option + Return
Move Forward Command + Option + Up Arrow key
Move Backward Command + Option + Down Arrow key

Component Shortcuts

Action Framer Shortcuts
Create From Design Command + K
Create From Code Command + Shift + K

View Shortcuts

Action Framer Shortcuts
Zoom In Command + +
Zoom Out Command + –
Zoom to 100% Command + 0
Zoom to Fit Command + 1
Zoom to Selection Command + 2
Hide Interface Command + .
Show Rulers Control + R

The most effective alternative to Framer X is Figma. Figma is a web-based wireframing and interface design tool that enables users to edit graphics, collaborate, and create prototypes seamlessly. To explore or analyze the Figma Shortcuts list, click here.



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