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25 Reddit Keyboard Shortcuts

Not only through Reddit Shortcuts but also through URL tricks, you can efficiently navigate through the multitude of posts on Reddit, saving you considerable time. These shortcuts will enhance your browsing experience on Reddit, ensuring you don’t overlook the most engaging content.

Download Reddit Shortcuts PDF

Reddit is a valuable platform where you can discover new information and engage with communities based on your interests. If you frequently use Reddit, the list below contains essential Reddit Shortcut Keys that you should familiarize yourself with to optimize your experience. You can download the Reddit Shortcuts list in PDF format.

Most used Reddit Shortcuts

Action Reddit Shortcut keys
Up-vote A
Down-vote Z
New post C
Reply to comment R
Submit comments or post Ctrl + Enter
Save S
Hide H
Open navigation Q
Collapse or expand the comment Enter
Show these shortcuts Shift + /
Show or hide all images Shift + X
Next post J
Previous post K
Next post in Lightbox N
Previous post in Lightbox P
Open post Enter
Open or close expando X
Load next page Shift + J
Return to the top Shift + K
Follow a link in a comment Enter
Open a link along with its comments C
Open the link and comments in a new tab Shift + C
Open a link in one tab and its comments in another tab L
Move up a level in the comment hierarchy P
Show parent comments for current comment Shift + P

Utilizing keyboard shortcuts for specific actions can save time and enhance productivity more effectively than using a mouse. For individuals who spend a significant amount of time on Reddit, mastering keyboard shortcuts is essential. Similarly, Discord, an online communication platform for gamers, has undergone recent advancements. Take a look at the Discord Shortcuts list for optimized usage.


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