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25 Reddit Keyboard Shortcuts

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Not just through Reddit Shortcuts, even the URL tricks will get you through the tons of time-wasting posts on Reddit. Reddit Shortcuts will enhance your Reddit browsing experience and make sure you don’t miss out on the most interesting content.

Download Reddit Shortcuts PDF

Reddit is a great platform where you can learn new things and can be a part of the community based on your interest. If you regularly use Reddit, then given below is the list, you must learn the Reddit Shortcuts to use it even better. Download the Reddit Shortcuts list in PDF format.

Most used Reddit Shortcuts

Action Reddit Keyboard Shortcuts
Up-vote A
Down-vote Z
New post C
Reply to comment R
Submit comments or post Ctrl + Enter
Save S
Hide H
Open navigation Q
Collapse or expand the comment Enter
Show these shortcuts Shift + /
Show or hide all images Shift + X
Next post J
Previous post K
Next post in lightbox N
Previous post in lightbox P
Open post Enter
Open or close expando X
Load next page Shift + J
Return to the top Shift + K
Follow a link in a comment Enter
Open a link along with its comments C
Open the link and comments in a new tab Shift + C
Open a link in one tab and its comments in another tab L
Move up a level in the comment hierarchy P
Show parent comments for current comment Shift + P

Performing certain actions via a keyboard shortcut will save time and enhance your productivity more than it does by using a mouse. A person who spends a large chunk of their time on Reddit must use keyboard shortcuts. Discord too is a communication platform for online gamers that has evolved in recent times. Peep into the Discord Shortcuts list.


Do I need an account to use Reddit?

An account is not required to browse content on Reddit, but an account is needed to submit, vote, and comment on content.

Is Reddit safe to use?

Like any online community, there is a potential for exposure to unwanted or inappropriate content on Reddit. However, Reddit has strict rules and policies to regulate the type of content allowed on the platform. Users can also utilize the platform's reporting and blocking features to control their experience.

How do I navigate Reddit?

Reddit is organized into subreddits, which are communities dedicated to a specific topic or theme. Users can browse and subscribe to subreddits of interest to them.

How do I participate in Reddit?

To participate in Reddit, you can create an account and then submit, vote, and comment on content. You can also create your own subreddit or contribute to existing ones.


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