30 CamBam Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

CamBam has a well-labeled button that allows you to navigate with ease. And the ease gets ever easier with the CamBam shortcuts. CamBam is a cheap, feature-rich, and cheerful software. It’s a conventional CAM, not the ultimate one but a decent and sweet one. Choosing the right CAM is very important as it will take care of the problem with its integrated CAD.

Download CamBam Shortcuts PDF

CamBam has users based all over the world. From CNC hobbyists to professional machinists to engineers use the CamBam Shortcuts that are listed below. Download the CamBam Shortcuts list in PDF format for future use.

Most used CamBam Shortcuts

Action CamBam Shortcuts
Open a file Ctrl + O
Save the current file Ctrl + S
Edit Break at intersections Ctrl + B
Copy selected object Ctrl + C
Paste from the clipboard Ctrl + V
Copy the format from the clipboard Ctrl + Shift + V
Cut Ctrl + X
Redo Ctrl + Y
Undo Ctrl + Z
Select All objects Ctrl + A
Select All objects on the active layer Ctrl + Shift + A
Resize selected drawing objects Ctrl + E
Open the Toolpath Filter window Ctrl + F
Toggle Snap to Grid Mode Ctrl + G
Join selected drawing objects Ctrl + J
Move selected drawing objects Ctrl + M
Convert Selected Objects to Polylines Ctrl + P
Rotate selected drawing objects Ctrl + R
Regenerate All Toolpaths Ctrl + T
Union selected drawing objects Ctrl + U
Produce gcode file Ctrl + W
Draw an Arc A
Draw a Circle C
Draw a point list D
Measure M
Draw a Polyline P
Draw a rectangle R
Insert Text T
Zoom in +
Zoom out
Reset View Home key

MasterCam is a game changer. MasterCam is another widely used CAM software that remains the choice of CNC programmers as an alternative to CamBam. Survey through the list of MasterCam Shortcuts that has been listed as well.


What file types does CamBam support?

CamBam supports various file formats such as STL, DXF, DWG, NC, and SVG.

Can CamBam be used for 3D modeling?

CamBam can be used for 2D modeling, but it does not have built-in capabilities for 3D modeling.

Does CamBam support toolpath simulation?

Yes, CamBam has a toolpath simulation feature that allows you to preview the tool movement before running the CNC machine.

Can CamBam generate G-Code?

Yes, CamBam can generate G-Code, which is a standard numerical control programming language used in CNC machines.


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