80 Adobe Fireworks Keyboard Shortcuts

Adobe Fireworks was discontinued a couple of years ago. Despite that, many designers (graphic, interaction, and UI) still use Adobe Fireworks as their primary tool for designing. Hence, this is the reason to write about Adobe Fireworks shortcuts even after its discontinuation.

Download Adobe Fireworks Shortcuts PDF

The way to speed up your process is by learning as many quick Adobe Fireworks shortcuts as possible. Knowing the list of shortcuts below can literally save hours. That’s the reason we have listed Adobe Fireworks shortcuts in a downloadable PDF format.

Most used Adobe Fireworks Shortcuts

Action Adobe Fireworks Shortcuts
Opens an existing Fireworks MX document Ctrl + O
Saves the current Fireworks MX document Ctrl + S
Export File Ctrl + Shift + R
Export Preview Ctrl + Shift + X
Save As Ctrl + Shift + S
Import file Ctrl + R
Print file Ctrl + P
Quit Fireworks Ctrl + Q
Close current Window Ctrl + W
Increase Text size Ctrl + Shift + .
Decrease text size Ctrl + Shift + ,
Apply bold formatting Ctrl + B
Apply italic formatting Ctrl + I
Align Left Ctrl + Alt + Shift + I
Align Centered Horizontally Ctrl + Alt + Shift + C
Align Right Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R
Align Justified Ctrl + Alt + Shift + J
Align Stretched Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S
Show or Hide Ruler Ctrl + Alt + R
Show or Hide Guides Ctrl + ;
Snap or Unsnap to Guides Ctrl + Shift + ;
Lock or Unlock Guides Ctrl + Alt + ;
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Fireworks Preferences Ctrl + U
Change between Full Screen and Normal Screen F
Show or Hide Tool Windows F4
Convert an object to Path Ctrl + Shift + F
Inverse Selection Ctrl + Shift + I

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Image and Canvas Manipulation Shortcuts

Action Adobe Fireworks Shortcuts
Numeric Transformation Ctrl + Shift + T
Trim Canvas Ctrl + Alt + T
Fit Canvas Ctrl + Alt + T
Rotate the Object 90 Degrees Clockwise Ctrl + Shift + 9
Rotate the Object 90 Degrees Counter-Clockwise Ctrl + Shift + 7

Fireworks Objects Shortcuts

Action Adobe Fireworks Shortcuts
Groups objects Ctrl + G
Un-groups objects Ctrl + Shift + G
Selects all objects Ctrl + A
Switch Fill and Stroke colors in color wells X
Show or Hide blue lines around selected objects F9
Bring an object to the front Ctrl + Shift + Up Arrow key
Send an object to the back Ctrl + Shift + Down Arrow key
Bring object forward Ctrl + Up Arrow key
Send object backwards Ctrl + Down Arrow key
Align objects left Ctrl + Alt + 1
Align objects center vertical Ctrl + Alt + 2
Align objects right Ctrl + Alt + 3
Align objects top Ctrl + Alt + 4
Align objects center horizontal Ctrl + Alt + 5
Align objects bottom Ctrl + Alt + 6
Insert Hotspot Ctrl + Shift + U
Copy Attributes from one object Ctrl + Alt + Shift + C
Paste Attributes to another object Ctrl + Alt + Shift + V
Duplicate Object Ctrl + Alt + D

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Zoom Shortcuts

Action Adobe Fireworks Shortcuts
Zoom in Ctrl + +
Zoom out Ctrl + –
Fit Selection Ctrl + 0
50% Magnification Ctrl + 5
100% Magnification Ctrl + 1
200% Magnification Ctrl + 2
400% Magnification Ctrl + 4
800% Magnification Ctrl + 8
3200% Magnification Ctrl + 3
6400% Magnification Ctrl + 6
Zoom to selection Ctrl + Alt + 0

Tools Shortcuts

Action Adobe Fireworks Shortcuts
Text Tool T
Brush Tool B
Crop Tool C
Eraser Tool E
Paint Bucket Tool G
Hand Tool H
Eyedropper Tool I
Polygon Hotspot Tool J
Slice Tool K
Lasso Tool L
Marquee Tool M
Line Tool N
Pen Tool P
Scale Tool Q
Blur Tool R
Rubber Stamp S
Rectangle Tool U
Magic Wand Tool W
Magnify Tool Z

Many designers stick to their old software as they are very familiar and in their comfort zone. Embarking on the change can be a scary affair. You might have to take a leap of faith and try something new once in a while, which can be beneficial. The most obvious alternative is Photoshop. However, I would generally prefer Sketch as a good alternative, especially for UI, web, or icon design. Have a look at the Photoshop shortcut keys list.



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