44 Miro Whiteboard Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Most used Miro Shortcuts

Action Miro Shortcut keys
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Duplicate Ctrl + D
Bold Ctrl + B
Italic Ctrl + I
Underline Ctrl + U
Select multiple items Ctrl + Left Mouse Click
Select all Ctrl + A
Edit selected item Enter
Deselect Esc
Delete Backspace
Group Ctrl + G
Ungroup Ctrl + Shift + G
Lock or Unlock Ctrl + L
Send to front Page Up key
Send to back Page Down key
Show keyboard shortcuts F1

Tools Shortcuts

Action Miro Shortcut keys
Select tool V
Hand H
Text T
Sticky note N
Shapes S
Rectangle R
Oval O
Connection line, arrow L
Pen P
Eraser E
Comment C
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Shift + Z
Frames F
Minimap M

Navigation Shortcuts

Action Miro Shortcuts
Move items or canvas Arrow keys
Zoom in Ctrl + +
Zoom out Ctrl + –
Zoom to 100% Ctrl + 0
Zoom to fit Ctrl + 1
Zoom to the selected item Ctrl + 2
Toggle grid G
Search Ctrl + F

Desktop App Shortcuts

Action Miro Shortcut keys
Reload the tab Ctrl + R
Close the tab Ctrl + W
Exit the app Ctrl + Q
Copy board link Ctrl + Shift + L


What is Miro?

Miro is a web-based, collaborative whiteboard platform that allows users to create, edit and share visual diagrams, maps, and flowcharts. It's often used for brainstorming, project planning, and team collaboration.

How does Miro differ from other whiteboard tools?

Miro offers a wide range of interactive tools and templates that allow for more creative and dynamic visual representation of ideas. It also has a real-time collaboration feature that enables multiple users to work on the same board simultaneously.

Does Miro have any integration with other tools?

Miro integrates with various other tools and platforms such as Jira, Trello, Slack, Google Drive, and more. This enables users to connect their work in Miro with other tools they are using to manage their workflow.


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