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28 MobaXterm Keyboard Shortcuts

List of MobaXterm Shortcuts

Learn MobaXterm Shortcuts for Windows

Most Used MobaXterm Shortcuts

Action MobaXterm Shortcut keys
Start a new tab Ctrl + Alt + T
Close current tab Ctrl + Alt + Q
Previous tab Ctrl + Alt + Left Arrow Key
Next tab Ctrl + Alt + Right Arrow Key
Toggle fullscreen / maximize terminal F11
Start the X server Ctrl + Shift + X
Save terminal output Ctrl + Shift + S
Print terminal output Ctrl + Shift + P
1-terminal mode Ctrl + Alt + 1
2-terminals mode (Vertical split) Ctrl + Alt + 2
2-terminals mode (Horizontal split) Ctrl + Alt + 3
4-terminals mode Ctrl + Alt + 4
Start a new remote session Ctrl + Shift + N
Show/hide sidebar Ctrl + Shift + B
Start MobaTextEditor Ctrl + Shift + M
Cycle through tabs Ctrl + Tab
Reverse cycle Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Find in terminal Ctrl + Shift + F
Find next Ctrl + Shift + F3
Paste in terminal Shift + Insert
Quick connect Ctrl + Shift + Q
Execute a macro Ctrl + Spacebar
Detach/Reattach tab Ctrl + Shift + D
Duplicate current tab Ctrl + Shift + U
Help and documentation Ctrl + Shift + H
Exit MobaXterm Alt + F4
Show MobaXterm / hide to the system tray Ctrl + M
Show/hide popup terminal Ctrl + Alt + M



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