45 Dynamics SL Keyboard Shortcuts

Dynamics SL Shortcuts are invaluable for medium-sized businesses seeking to generate reports and conduct business analysis efficiently. Dynamics SL enables effective management of people, projects, and profitability, enhancing accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Download Dynamics SL Shortcuts PDF

If your organization has recently transitioned to Dynamics 365 Business Central for financial management, familiarizing yourself with useful Dynamics SL Shortcuts can significantly ease your day-to-day tasks. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of Dynamics SL Shortcuts tailored for small and medium-sized businesses. You can download this list of Dynamics SL Shortcuts in PDF format.

Most used Dynamics SL Shortcuts

Action Dynamics SL Shortcuts
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Undo Ctrl + Z
Save Ctrl + S
New Ctrl + N
Select All Ctrl + A
Delete Ctrl + D
Finish Ctrl + F
First Ctrl + Home
Last Ctrl + End
Moves you record by record to the most recently created Page Down key
Moves you record by record to the oldest document Page Up key

Grid & View Shortcuts

Action Dynamics SL Shortcuts
Move to the next field Tab
Move to the previous field Shift + Tab
Move to the cell above Up Arrow key
Move to the cell below Down Arrow key
Select an option in an open drop-down list Enter
Close an open drop-down list Esc
Move to the next page Page Down key
Move to the previous page Page Up key
Move to the column header when the focus is on the grid Up Arrow key
Sort by column when the focus is on the column header Spacebar

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Navigation Shortcuts

Action Dynamics SL Shortcut keys
Complete the command for the active option Enter
Cancel a command Esc
Save and Close Alt + S
Open Search Spacebar
Delete the record Ctrl + D
Save and then open a new form Ctrl + Shift + S
Open a new instance of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Ctrl + K
Open a record found in lookup with forms in Edit mode Enter
Add a step in the business process editor Alt + Shift + N
Add an article to an email Alt + Shift + A
Apply an email template Alt + Shift + T
Tab to the first section on a form Ctrl + Shift + 1
Tab to a form’s associated grid navigation button Ctrl + Shift + 2
Tab to the Navigation bar Ctrl + Shift + 3
Tab to the Main menu button on the Navigation bar Ctrl + Shift + 4

Function key Shortcuts

Action Dynamics SL Shortcut keys
Opens SL Help F1
In a date field, brings up the relative period F2
Opens PV list or the calendar on date fields F3
Toggles between Field View and Grid View F4
Clears the value in a field F5
Insert today’s date in a date field F7
Opens Note for editing F9
Puts focus on the Solomon Tool Bar F10
Perform a search Alt + F3

Professional services, government contractors, distribution, and construction management sectors stand to gain significant benefits from the Dynamics SL Shortcut list. Have you implemented these Dynamics SL Shortcuts in your business? Alternatively, are you using Oracle Cloud ERP as your financial system?



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