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40 Trello Shortcuts – Trello keyboard shortcuts PDF

download trello keyboard shortcuts pdf

Have you ever thought of which key to press in order to view a list of Trello Shortcuts while working in Trello? Well, it’s simple. Simply Press Ctrl +? These shortcuts might also come to your rescue while you juggle multiple tasks and projects. Hence, work smarter and not harder by just using the stroke of a key!

Download Trello Keyboard Shortcuts PDF

Trello does have keyboard shortcuts. Below is the list of Trello shortcuts that makes task management easy, saves hours of manual clicking, and make organizing less hectic. Download and keep the Trello Shortcuts list in the form of a PDF and become a Trello master.

Most used Trello Shortcuts

Action Trello Shortcut keys
Open Boards Menu in Header B
Archive a Card C
Due Date D
Open Quick Edit Mode E
Select the card below the current card J
Select the card above the current card K
Add or Remove Members M
Insert a New Card N
My Cards Filter Q
Subscribe or Unsubscribe S
Edit Title T
Add Vote V
Collapse or Expand boards Menu W
Clear All Active Cards Filter X
Autocomplete Members @
Autocomplete Labels #
Focus Search Box /
Close Menu or Cancel Editing Esc
Save Text Ctrl + Enter
Open Cards Enter
Move the card to the Bottom of the adjacent left list ,
Move the card to the Bottom of the adjacent right list .
Move the card to the Top of the adjacent left list <
Move the card to the Top of the adjacent right list >
Assign Self Spacebar
Open Shortcut Page ?

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Labels Shortcuts

Action Trello Shortcut keys
Open pop-up for available Labels L
Toggle Label – Green 1
Toggle Label – Yellow 2
Toggle Label – Orange 3
Toggle Label – Red 4
Toggle Label – Purple 5
Toggle Label – Blue 6
Toggle Label – Sky 7
Toggle Label – Lime 8
Toggle Label – Pink 9
Toggle Label – Black 0

There is a shortcut key assigned from moving a card to adding a due date. In other words, there is a shortcut assigned for even the smallest task. Asana is the leading software for project management, other than Trello. Consider having a look at Asana Shortcuts.



What is Trello used for?

In simple words, Trello is a tool that empowers you to manage projects. In order to open a new card in Trello, use the “Enter” key.

Can Trello be used for free?

There is a free version available for individuals and teams looking to organize any project. However, there are paid version of different plans i.e. Standard, Premium, and Enterprise which starts from $5.

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