33 Alphacam Keyboard Shortcuts

ALPHACAM software manages jobs that require special processes, aiding in turning, milling, profiling, and wire eroding tasks. Generating 2-axis operations is quick and straightforward with ALPHACAM shortcuts.

Download Alphacam Shortcuts PDF

The primary focus of ALPHACAM shortcuts is to enhance productivity, reliability, and flexibility for users. With the assistance of ALPHACAM shortcuts, programming any CNC machine becomes achievable. You can download the ALPHACAM shortcuts list in PDF format.

Most used Alphacam Shortcuts

Action Alphacam Shortcut keys
New File Ctrl + N
Open File Ctrl + O
Save Ctrl + S
Undo Ctrl + Z
Input CAD Ctrl + I
List NC Ctrl + L
Clear Memory Ctrl + M
Printer or Plotter Ctrl + P
Delete Ctrl + Delete
Start Point Ctrl + F
Change Ctrl + H
Zoom All Ctrl + A
Zoom Window Ctrl + W
Zoom Previous Ctrl + B
Redraw Ctrl + R
Ghost Tools Ctrl + G
Text Ctrl + T
Dimension Ctrl + D
User Layers Ctrl + U
Edit Operations Ctrl + E
Insert Alphacam Drawing Ctrl + Insert

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Geometry Creation Shortcuts

Action Alphacam Shortcut keys
Help F1
Auto Snap-On or Off F2
Ortho Mode On or Off F3
Close and Finish F4
Grid Snap-On or Off F5
Snap to End Point F6
Snap to Mid Point F7
Snap to Center F8
Snap to Intersection F9
Snap to Tangent F10
Snap to Perpendicular F11
Snap to Parallel F12

Due to its user-friendly features, ALPHACAM has become the industry standard choice for programming CNC routers. Vectric Aspire offers a powerful solution for creating and cutting parts on CNC routers. Take a quick look at the Vectric Aspire shortcuts list.



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