30 Counter Strike Keyboard Shortcuts

The Counter-Strike shortcuts are the controls that give players the ability to carry out actions. In 3D Counter-Strike, the quick menu makes it faster to find an action, and the shortcuts make it faster to execute an action.

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To survive in this competitive video gaming world, you would use keyboard shortcuts because, with those, you can trigger a lot of actions quickly. Below is a list of Counter-Strike shortcuts that will help you with movement, weapons, communication, and many other actions. You can download the Counter-Strike shortcut keys list in PDF form.

Counter-Strike Menu Shortcut keys

Action Counter Strike Shortcuts
Buy Menu B
Buy Equipment O
Select Team M
Recap Mission Briefing I
Automatically buy Equipment F1
Re-buy Previous Equipment F2
Menu Item 0…9 0…9
Display Multiplayer Scores Tab

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Movement Shortcuts

Action Counter Strike Shortcut keys
Forward W
Left A
Backward S
Right D
Walk Shift
Jump Spacebar
Duck Ctrl

Communication Shortcuts

Action Counter Strike Shortcut keys
Voice Communication K
Radio Message Talk Z
Group Radio Message X
Report Radio Message C
Team Message U
Chat Message Y

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Combat Shortcuts

Action CS Shortcut keys
Fire Mouse Left Click
Weapon Special Function Mouse Right Click
Previous Weapon Mouse Wheel Up
Next Weapon Mouse Wheel Down
Reload Weapon R
Drop Current Weapon G

Other Shortcuts

Action CS Shortcut keys
Turn Night vision On or Off N
Use Items E
Flashlight F
Spray logo T
Cheer J
Capture Screenshot F5

While playing this game repeatedly, gamers will subconsciously learn the Counter-Strike shortcut keys, and they won’t even realize it. Another gaming software that became quite popular along with Counter-Strike was Call of Duty.



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