30 Battlefield 2042 Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Most used Battlefield 2042 Shortcuts

Action Battlefield 2042 Shortcut keys
Move character W or A or S or D
(hold) Sprint Shift
Crouch toggle Left Ctrl
Prone Z
(while sprinting) Slide Z
(hold) Crouch C
Jump Spacebar
Fire Left Mouse Click
Zoom Right Mouse Click
Grenade G
Melee F
Reload R
(hold) Call-in menu B
Full map M
(and move towards the vehicle) Vault Spacebar
Enter / Exit Vehicle E
(hold) Revive E
Swap seats in the vehicle F1 to F8
Plus menu T
(hold) Comoros / Ping Q
Game menu Esc
Voice chat Left Alt
Chat H
Cycle chat channel Tab
Team chat K
Party chat P
Switch to the primary weapon 1
Switch to a secondary weapon 2
Specialty 3
Open gadget 4



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