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65 Total Commander Keyboard Shortcuts

Navigation operations like copying, moving, viewing, and deleting files have become easier with the help of Total Commander shortcuts. The main function of Total Commander is to manage files.

Download Total Commander Shortcuts PDF

The following is a list of Total Commander shortcuts that will allow you to work more easily and quickly without even using your mouse. You can download the Total Commander shortcuts in PDF format.

Most Used Total Commander Shortcuts

Action Total Commander Shortcuts
Copy files to the clipboard Ctrl + C
Cut files to the clipboard Ctrl + X
Paste from clipboard Ctrl + V
Open directory hotlist Ctrl + D
Connect to the FTP server Ctrl + F
Disconnect from the FTP server Ctrl + Shift + F
Switch to the target directory Ctrl + I
Calculate occupied space Ctrl + L
Multi Rename Tool Ctrl + M
Change the FTP transfer mode Ctrl + Shift + M
New FTP connection Ctrl + N
Copy the current path to the command line Ctrl + P
Quick view panel instead of the file window Ctrl + Q
Reread source directory Ctrl + R
Open Quick Filter dialogue and activate the filter Ctrl + S
Open Quick Filter dialogue and reactivate the last-used filter Ctrl + Shift + S
Open the new folder tab and activate it Ctrl + T
Open the new folder tab, but do not activate it Ctrl + Shift + T
Exchange directories Ctrl + U
Exchange directories and tabs Ctrl + Shift + U
Close the currently active tab Ctrl + W
Close all open tabs Ctrl + Shift + W
Edit file comment Ctrl + Z
Open dir under cursor in new tab Ctrl + Up Arrow key
Open dir under cursor in other windows Ctrl + Shift + Up Arrow key
Jump to the next tab Ctrl + Tab
Jump to the previous tab Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Select all Ctrl + A
Show property sheet Alt + Enter
Select a file or directory Insert
File display brief Ctrl + F1
Thumbnails view Ctrl + Shift + F1
File display full Ctrl + F2
Comments View Ctrl + Shift + F2
Sort by name Ctrl + F3
Sort by Extension Ctrl + F4
Sort by date or time Ctrl + F5
Sort by size Ctrl + F6
Unsorted Ctrl + F7
Display directory tree Ctrl + F8
Print the file under the cursor using the associated program Ctrl + F9
Show all files Ctrl + F10
Show only programs Ctrl + F11
Show user-defined files Ctrl + F12
Help F1
Reread source window F2
List files F3
Edit files F4
Copy files F5
Rename or move files F6
Create directory F7
Delete files to the recycle bin or delete them directly F8
Activate the menu above the source window F9
Activate the left menu or deactivate the menu F10
Custom columns view menu Shift + F1
Compare file lists Shift + F2
List only files under the cursor, when multiple files selected Shift + F3
Create a new text file and load it into the editor Shift + F4
Copy files Shift + F5
Rename files in the same directory Shift + F6
Show context menu Shift + F10
Expand selection +
Shrink selection
Invert selection *
Restore selection /

Well, I have tried my best to list all the Total Commander shortcuts. This powerful tool will allow you to boost your productivity. Nowadays, File Explorer is being replaced with Total Commander, since it can replace half a dozen tools in addition to File Explorer. Take a look at the File Explorer shortcuts.


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