20 HipChat Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

HipChat is a tool to cultivate a strong and positive corporate culture. The company was eventually won by Atlassian and then was eventually later sold to Slack.

Download HipChat Shortcuts PDF

Hipchat is a team tool for enterprises to communicate in real-time. Chat faster, Style your Text, Fix your Typos, Move through rooms, Join rooms, and much more with the given below list of HipChat Shortcuts. Download the HipChat Shortcuts list in the form of a PDF.

Formatting Message Shortcuts

Action HipChat Shortcuts
Display the message with Code Syntax highlighting /code CodeBlock
Use Special Message formatting when you quote someone /quote message
Clear chat history in the current room /clear
Chat about yourself in the third person /me message
Fix Your Typos s/misspelled word/corrected word/
Show hexadecimal web colors right in HipChat #ColorHexCode

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Room actions Shortcuts

Action HipChat Shortcuts
Enter an existing HipChat Room /join ‘RoomName’
Leave the Room that you have joined /part
Change the Topic of the Current Room /topic ‘NewTopicName’

Setting your status Shortcuts

Action HipChat Shortcut keys
Set status as Available(Green) and Optionally include the Msg /available Msg
Set status as Away(Yellow) and Optionally include the Msg /away Msg
Set status as Do Not Disturb(Red) and Optionally include the Msg /dnd Msg

With HipChat set to be gradually discontinued, many organizations need to maintain their real-time communication behind the firewall. Hence they are looking for a viable alternative that offers similar capabilities. Mattermost is one such leading real-time communication platform that works well in comparison to HipChat. Slide through the Mattermost Shortcuts list here.


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