30 Vi Shortcuts for Linux

List of Vi Shortcuts

Learn Vi Shortcuts for Linux

Command Mode Shortcuts

Action Vi Shortcut keys
Enter command mode :
write :w
quit :q
quit without saving :q!
Write and quit :wq
Write and quit ZZ
open :e
Escape command mode Esc
undo the last command u

Setting your status Shortcuts

Action Vi Shortcut keys
delete word d w
delete line d d
put after cursor P
put before cursor P
copy word y w
copy line y y

From Normal to Edit Mode Shortcuts

Action Vi Shortcut keys
Insert at the current position I
Insert at start of the line I
Append to the end of line A
Insert Line Below O
Insert Line Above O
Delete the character at the current position and insert S
Delete the current line and insert S

Fast Search Shortcuts

Action Vi Shortcut keys
Search Term /
Next N
Previous Shift + N

Cursor Navigation Shortcuts

Action Vi Shortcut keys
Next line J
Previous line K
Left H
Right L
Bottom of document Shift + G
Top of document G G

Download Vi Shortcuts PDF

Download Vi Shortcut keys PDF



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