15 Atlassian Confluence Keyboard Shortcuts

Confluence shortcuts can help you create materials more effectively, reduce pointless page flipping, and get content on the page faster. Shortcuts allow you to spend less time away from the keyboard, contributing to improved efficiency and energy savings.

Download Confluence Shortcuts PDF

Below, we have compiled a list of the most helpful Atlassian Confluence shortcuts, showing you how to alter headings quickly, add emojis and symbols, and more. Download the list of Confluence shortcuts in PDF format to help speed up your workflow.

Most Used Atlassian Confluence Shortcut keys

Action Confluence Shortcut keys Windows Confluence Shortcut keys Mac
Bold Text *Bold* *Bold*
Underline Text +Underline+ +Underline+
Italic Text _Italic_ _Italic_
Monospace Text {{Monospace}} {{Monospace}}
Image or Media ! !
Link [ [
Macro { {
Mention @ @
Date // //
Cells ||||| + Enter ||||| + Return
Heading in Cells ||heading||heading ||heading||heading
Large Heading with Size 1 h1.heading h1.heading
Large Heading with Size 3 h3.heading h3.heading
Numbered List #list #list
Bullets *bullets *bullets

Confluence is becoming too slow and overly complicated for many teams to use efficiently. Therefore, it is time to switch to a more user-friendly alternative. Quip, Basecamp, BookStack, Notion, and ClickUp are all potential options, but you need to find the one that best meets your team’s unique requirements. You are also welcome to quickly review the list of shortcuts for these alternatives on our website: Quip Shortcuts, Basecamp Shortcuts, BookStack Shortcuts, Notion Shortcuts, and ClickUp Shortcuts.



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