Atlassian Confluence Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows & Mac

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Learn Atlassian Confluence Shortcuts for Windows & Mac

Most used Atlassian Confluence Shortcuts

Action Confluence Shortcut keys Windows Confluence Shortcut keys Mac
Bold Text *Bold* *Bold*
Underline Text +Underline+ +Underline+
Italic Text _Italic_ _Italic_
Monospace Text {{Monospace}} {{Monospace}}
Image or Media ! !
Link [ [
Macro { {
Mention @ @
Date // //
Cells ||||| + Enter ||||| + Return
Heading in Cells ||heading||heading ||heading||heading
Large Heading with Size 1 h1.heading h1.heading
Large Heading with Size 3 h3.heading h3.heading
Numbered List #list #list
Bullets *bullets *bullets


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