20 Basecamp Keyboard Shortcuts

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Learn Basecamp Shortcuts for Windows

Most Used Basecamp Shortcuts

Action Basecamp Shortcut keys
Insert line break Enter
Increase indent level Tab
Decrease indent level Shift + Tab
Send message Ctrl + Enter
Delete backward Backspace
Delete forward Delete
Move the cursor one character to the left Left Arrow key
Move the cursor one character to the right Right Arrow key
Expand selection left Shift + Left Arrow key
Expand selection right Shift + Right Arrow key
Scroll to a section within a project Shift + Left Mouse Click
Project G then 1
Calendar G then 2
Everything G then 3
Progress – Timeline G then 4
Everyone G then 5
Me G then 6
Jump to the search bar G then F
Jump between projects Ctrl + J
Jump to your assignments, bookmarks M then Y



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