40 Asana Keyboard Shortcuts

Asana shortcuts are used to speed up and efficiently manage tasks. Asana shortcuts, along with their great functions, help you organize your work and stay on top of projects, goals, and tasks. It equips you with tools that make handling tasks easier. You can even break down complex projects into smaller tasks.

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The list of Asana shortcuts below is a must-have. The list includes shortcuts for navigating the interface, creating and assigning tasks, formatting tasks, setting due dates, setting subtasks, tagging, commenting, and managing the inbox. Download the Asana shortcuts list in PDF format.

Inbox Shortcuts

Action Asana Shortcuts Windows Asana Shortcuts Mac
Move Up K K
Move Down J J
Move to Inbox U U
Archive I I
Jump to Inbox H H
Jump to Archive S S
Follow or Unfollow F F

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Navigation Shortcuts

Action Asana Shortcut keys Windows Asana Shortcut keys Mac
Assign Selected Tasks Tab + A Tab + A
Comment on Selected Tasks Tab + C Tab + C
Set Due Date Tab + D Tab + D
Add a tag to the task Tab + T Tab + T
Add Follower Tab + F Tab + F
Search for a project, tag, person, or task Tab + / Tab + /
Jump to Task List Tab + Enter Tab + Return
Focus Subtasks Tab + S Tab + S

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Application Shortcuts

Action Asana Shortcut keys Windows Asana Shortcut keys Mac
Post Comment Tab + Enter Tab + Return
Quick add task Tab + Q Tab + Q
Show keyboard Shortcuts Ctrl + / Command + /
Expand Right Pane Tab Tab
Collapse Right Pane Esc Esc
Enter Focus Mode Tab + X Tab + X

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Task Action Shortcuts

Action Asana Shortcuts Windows Asana Shortcuts Mac
New Task Enter Return
Delete Selected Task Tab + Backspace Tab + Backspace
Delete Current Task Backspace Backspace
Complete Selected Task Ctrl + Enter Command + Return
Move Up Ctrl + Up Arrow key Command + Up Arrow key
Move Down Ctrl + Down Arrow key Command + Down Arrow key
Jump Up to the next Selection Ctrl + Shift + Up Arrow key Command + Shift + Up Arrow key
Jump Down to the next Selection Ctrl + Shift + Down Arrow key Command + Shift + Down Arrow key
Copy selected task Ctrl + C Command + C
Paste selected task Ctrl + V Command + V
Select Favourite as Selected Task Tab + H Tab + H
Assign to Me Tab + M Tab + M
Type a colon at the end of a task name to create a session : :

Trello is another project management software, but it focuses on the Kanban style of project management. Simply go through the Trello shortcuts that we have listed.



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