26 Monday com Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows & macOS

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Most used Monday com Shortcuts

Action Monday Shortcuts Windows Monday Shortcuts Mac
Boltswitch Ctrl + B Command + B
Close item page Esc Esc
Close dialogs Esc Esc
Close search Esc Esc
Open/close navigation Ctrl + . Command + .
Navigate down Down Arrow key Down Arrow key
Navigate up Up Arrow key Up Arrow key
Navigate left Left Arrow key Left Arrow key
Navigate right Right Arrow key Right Arrow key
Navigate to the next cell Tab Tab
Navigate to the previous cell Shift + Tab Shift + Tab
Edit cell content Enter Return
Clear cell content Backspace Backspace
Open column view Spacebar Spacebar
Search Board Ctrl + F Command + F
Copy cell content Ctrl + C Command + C
Paste cell content Ctrl + V Command + V
Cut cell content Ctrl + X Command + X
Select item Ctrl + Enter Command + Return
Select a range of items Shift + Enter Shift + Return
Create new group Ctrl + Shift + G Command + Shift + G
Create new column Ctrl + Shift + C Command + Shift + C
Open activity log Ctrl + Shift + L Command + Shift + L
Sort another column Ctrl + Left Mouse Click Command + Left Mouse Click
Collapse/expand all groups Ctrl + G Command + G
Show these keyboard shortcuts Shift + ? Shift + ?


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