20 Zendesk Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

Zendesk shortcuts will help you to gather requests over different channels in one place. Zendesk is a SaaS platform for customer support work optimization. Customer support is not always about response but also about professionalism. Hence, for this reason, market leaders use Zendesk and it is a well-known name in this category of business.

Download Zendesk Shortcuts PDF

Click, click, and click. These clicks of going to and fro in Zendesk can add up to an ample amount of time. So to avoid wasting your precious time and effort in your daily routine, implement this below list of Zendesk Shortcuts. Download the Zendesk Shortcuts list in the form of a PDF.

Zendesk Ticket Shortcuts

Action Zendesk Shortcut keys
New Ticket Ctrl + Alt + N
Save or Update as Open Ctrl + Alt + O
Save or Update as Pending Ctrl + Alt + P
Save or Update As Solved Ctrl + Alt + S
Save or Update As On hold Ctrl + Alt + D
Move to the Next Ticket Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow key
Set Comment as Public Reply Ctrl + Alt + C
Set Comment as Internal Note Ctrl + Alt + X

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Navigation Shortcuts

Action Zendesk Shortcut keys
Move Up Up Arrow key
Move Down Down Arrow key
Move Left Left Arrow key
Move Right Right Arrow key
Select Current Item Spacebar
Drill into an item Enter
Switch Preview X

Most used Zendesk Shortcut keys

Action Zendesk Shortcut keys
View Ctrl + Alt + V
Home Ctrl + Alt + H
Find or Search Ctrl + Alt + F
Current Requester Ctrl + Alt + R
Close Current Tab Ctrl + Alt + W

Among the other makers of help desk software, Zendesk is the market leader. However, after knowing that Zendesk isn’t the best tool for every company or organization you might look for an alternative. Freshdesk is a strong Zendesk alternative. The powerful automation and real-time updating information are what make it a great choice. Delve into the Freshdesk Shortcuts list.


What is Zendesk?

Zendesk is a customer service and support platform that helps businesses manage customer interactions, and support tickets, and provide efficient customer service. It offers various features such as ticket management, a knowledge base, live chat, and more.

What are some commonly used Zendesk shortcuts?

Here are a few commonly used shortcuts in Zendesk:

  • G + H: Go to the home/dashboard.
  • G + T: Go to the tickets view.
  • G + U: Go to the user’s view.
  • G + O: Go to the organization view.
  • F: Focus on the search bar.
  • C: Compose a new ticket or conversation.
  • R: Reply to a ticket or conversation.
  • E: Edit the current ticket or conversation.
  • S: Save changes or submit the current form.
  • Esc: Close the current dialog or cancel an action.


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