20 Zendesk Keyboard Shortcuts

Zendesk shortcuts streamline the process of consolidating requests from various channels into a single platform. As a SaaS platform designed for optimizing customer support workflows, Zendesk prioritizes professionalism alongside responsiveness, making it a preferred choice among market leaders in this sector.

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The repetitive clicking required for navigating Zendesk can consume considerable time. To minimize such inefficiencies in your daily routine, leverage the following list of Zendesk shortcuts. You can download the Zendesk Shortcuts list in PDF format.

Zendesk Ticket Shortcuts

Action Zendesk Shortcut keys
New Ticket Ctrl + Alt + N
Save or Update as Open Ctrl + Alt + O
Save or Update as Pending Ctrl + Alt + P
Save or Update As Solved Ctrl + Alt + S
Save or Update As On hold Ctrl + Alt + D
Move to the Next Ticket Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow key
Set Comment as Public Reply Ctrl + Alt + C
Set Comment as Internal Note Ctrl + Alt + X

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Navigation Shortcuts

Action Zendesk Shortcut keys
Move Up Up Arrow key
Move Down Down Arrow key
Move Left Left Arrow key
Move Right Right Arrow key
Select Current Item Spacebar
Drill into an item Enter
Switch Preview X

Most Used Zendesk Shortcut keys

Action Zendesk Shortcut keys
View Ctrl + Alt + V
Home Ctrl + Alt + H
Find or Search Ctrl + Alt + F
Current Requester Ctrl + Alt + R
Close Current Tab Ctrl + Alt + W

Zendesk stands out as the market leader among makers of help desk software. However, recognizing that Zendesk may not suit every company or organization, you might explore alternatives. Freshdesk emerges as a robust alternative to Zendesk, boasting powerful automation and real-time information updates. Take a closer look at the Freshdesk Shortcuts list.



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