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31 Xenia Emulator Keyboard Shortcuts

List of Xenia Emulator Shortcuts

Learn Xenia Emulator Shortcuts for Windows

In-Game Shortcuts

Action Xenia Emulator Shortcuts
Right stick direction Arrow Keys
Right thumb press K
Left stick up W
Left stick left A
Left stick down S
Left stick right D
Left thumb press F
LB 1
RB 3
D-pad Shift + W
Select Z
Start X
X button L
Y button P
A button ;
B button

Emulator Shortcuts

Action Xenia Emulator Shortcut keys
Open content package Ctrl + O
Exit Alt + F4
Reset time scalar Num *
Time scalar /= 2 Num –
Time scalar *= 2 Num +
Toggle profiler display F3
Pause / Resume profiler `
Break and show Guest Debugger Pause Break key
Break into Host Debugger Ctrl + Pause Break key
Post-processing settings F6
Fullscreen F11
FAQ (opens in the web browser) F1
Build commit in GitHub (opens in web browser) F2



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