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10 Pandora Keyboard Shortcuts

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Knowing the Pandora shortcuts may help you to groove along a little better and easier. What makes Pandora a hot pick is the ability to work perfectly with Siri Shortcuts. Pandora Music is in the second spot in terms of the music category. The Pandora Shortcuts are the tricks that will sleeve up your music time.

Download Pandora Shortcuts PDF

Fly around Pandora with Pandora shortcut keys without having to use that annoying little mouse. The below list of Pandora shortcuts will be beneficial if you use your computer to listen to music. Download the list of Pandora Shortcut keys in PDF format.

Most used Pandora Shortcuts

Action Pandora Shortcut keys
Play or Pause Spacebar
Skip track Right Arrow key
Volume up Alt + Up Arrow key
Volume down Alt + Down Arrow key
Mute volume Shift + Down Arrow key
Maximize volume Shift + Up Arrow key
Toggle Thumbs up +
Toggle Thumbs down
Switch Focus from Address Bar to Browser Window F6

Pandora no doubt is one of the most recognizable music streaming services, however, it is not available everywhere. Hence we look for Pandora alternatives. Deezer is one of the alternatives that you can compare with Pandora. Deezer and its Deezer shortcuts are blowing most of the competitors out of the water. Probe into the Deezer shortcuts list.


What is Pandora?

Pandora is an online music streaming platform that offers personalized radio stations based on the user’s music preferences. It allows users to discover and listen to a wide variety of songs and artists across different genres.


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