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25 Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts

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If you are one of those Twitter users who prefer the native Twitter application and like to participate in conversation then Twitter Shortcuts will be most valuable to those. It will be more fun and straightforward to use Twitter shortcuts while tweeting and navigating tweeting.

Download Twitter Shortcuts PDF

There are Twitter shortcuts that can perform various functions including creating new tweets, opening the message section, opening notifications, etc. We understand that there are a lot of Shortcuts to remember and hence a downloadable thing will be preferred. Download the list of Twitter Shortcuts in the form of a PDF.

Most used Twitter Shortcuts

Action Twitter Shortcut keys
New tweet N
Favorite F
Reply R
Retweet R
Direct message M
Mute user U
Block user B
Open Tweet details Enter
Close all open Tweets L
Expand photo O
Search /
Send Tweet Ctrl + Enter

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Timelines Shortcuts

Action Twitter Shortcut keys
Home G then H
Notifications G then N
Mentions G then R
Profile G then P
Favorites G then F
Lists G then L
Messages G then M
Settings G then S
Go to user G then U

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Navigation Shortcuts

Action Twitter Shortcut keys
Next Tweet J
Previous Tweet K
Page down Spacebar
Load new Tweets .
Open shortcuts menu ?

A Twitter alternative can be Discord. It might not look like Twitter, but the platform creates the same awareness among users. Discord Shortcuts enable conversations. Discord enables conversations while playing video games but it has now expanded its opportunities Run through the Discord Shortcuts list.


How do I navigate through Twitter using shortcuts?

The following shortcuts can be used to navigate through Twitter: Home: G + H Notifications: G + N Explore: G + E Messages: G + M Bookmarks: G + B Profile: G + P Lists: G + L Moments: G + O Previous tweet/thread: J Next tweet/thread: K

How do I compose a new tweet using shortcuts?

To compose a new tweet using shortcuts, you can use the following: New tweet (web): N, New tweet (mobile app): Tap the compose icon (usually represented by a feather or a quill)

How do I like or retweet a tweet using shortcuts?

To like or retweet a tweet using shortcuts, you can use the following: Like a tweet: L Retweet a tweet: R

How do I go to my profile or settings using shortcuts?

To go to your profile or settings on Twitter, you can use the following shortcuts: Profile: G + P Settings and privacy: G + S


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