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25 Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts

For Twitter users who prefer the native Twitter application and actively engage in conversations, Twitter shortcuts can be immensely valuable. They streamline the tweeting process and make navigation smoother.

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Twitter shortcuts cover various functions, such as creating new tweets, accessing the message section, and viewing notifications. We understand that remembering all these shortcuts can be overwhelming, so we’ve made the list of Twitter shortcuts available for download in PDF format.

Most used Twitter Shortcuts

Action Twitter Shortcut keys
New tweet N
Favorite F
Reply R
Retweet R
Direct message M
Mute user U
Block user B
Open Tweet details Enter
Close all open Tweets L
Expand photo O
Search /
Send Tweet Ctrl + Enter

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Timelines Shortcuts

Action Twitter Shortcut keys
Home G then H
Notifications G then N
Mentions G then R
Profile G then P
Favorites G then F
Lists G then L
Messages G then M
Settings G then S
Go to user G then U

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Navigation Shortcuts

Action Twitter Shortcut keys
Next Tweet J
Previous Tweet K
Page down Spacebar
Load new Tweets .
Open shortcuts menu ?

Discord serves as a viable alternative to Twitter, offering a different interface but fostering similar user engagement and awareness. Discord shortcuts facilitate seamless conversations, particularly within gaming communities. Explore the Discord shortcuts list to optimize your experience.



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