102 ArcGIS Pro Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Learn ArcGIS Pro Shortcuts for Windows

Most used ArcGIS Pro Shortcuts

Action ArcGIS Pro Shortcuts
Open a project Ctrl + O
Create a project Ctrl + N
Save the project Ctrl + S
Open a new map Ctrl + M
Open the help system to the default home page or context-sensitive help for a tool F1
Show or hide the ribbon Ctrl + F1
Open the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box F12
Undo a change Ctrl + Z
Redo a change Ctrl + Y
Copy the selected item to the clipboard Ctrl + C
Cut the selected item Ctrl + X
Paste the selected item from the clipboard Ctrl + V
Delete the selected item Delete
Copy the path of the selected item to the clipboard Ctrl + Alt + P
Open the Print pane to print a map or layout Ctrl + P
Open the Export pane to export a map, layout, or report Ctrl + E
Open the Sign-In Status menu Alt + L
Open the Notifications pane Alt + W
Search for a command Alt + Q
Open Diagnostic Monitor Ctrl + Alt + M
Group the selected elements Ctrl + G
Ungroup the selected group Ctrl + Shift + G
Enable access keys and show KeyTips on the ribbon Alt
Access options to float, dock, or close the active view or pane Alt + –
Move from one tab to another in the active pane Left & Right Arrow key
Move from one command to the next on a ribbon tab Tab
Move among elements in a list Up & Down Arrow key
Open a drop-down menu or list Alt + Down Arrow key
Close a drop-down menu or list Esc
Run a command or open a ribbon gallery or dialog box launcher Enter
Open a context menu (pop-up menu) for a selected item Shift + Win
Browse available panes and change the active pane Alt + F7
Browse available views and change the active view Ctrl + Tab
Switch the active view to the next available view Ctrl + F6
Close the active view Ctrl + F4

Animation Shortcuts

Action ArcGIS Pro Shortcut keys
Move to the next keyframe Ctrl + Right Arrow key
Move to the previous keyframe Ctrl + Left Arrow key
Play or pause the steps Spacebar
Append a new keyframe to the end of the animation after the last keyframe Ctrl + Insert
Update the Keyframe or set a keyframe Shift + Insert
Delete the current keyframe Ctrl + Shift + Delete

Catalog Shortcuts

Action ArcGIS Pro Shortcuts
Move to and select the next item in the content list that begins with that letter A – Z
Open catalog browsing options Alt + B
Switch between the Catalog pane and a catalog view Alt + F3
Put the focus on the contents list Alt + F6
Go to the Contents pane of a catalog view Alt + F4
View Metadata Alt + M
Edit metadata Ctrl + Shift + M
Add a folder connection Ctrl + Shift + C
Make a new folder Ctrl + Shift + F
Make a new file geodatabase Ctrl + Shift + D
Make a new mobile geodatabase Ctrl + Shift + I
Make a new database connection Ctrl + Shift + E
Make a new toolbox (.atbx) Ctrl + Shift + B
Make a new layout Ctrl + Shift + L
Open a table Ctrl + Shift + T
Open the Project Context menu Ctrl + Shift + N
Refresh the contents of the selected item F5
Rename the selected item F2
Alias the selected folder connection or change its alias Shift + F2
Click the Filter button and open its menu Alt + F8
Click the Sort button and open its menu F6
Show or hide the details panel Alt + D
Go to the search box Ctrl + F
Go to the Project tab or node Alt + P
Go to the Portal tab or node Alt + O
Go to the Computer tab or node Alt + Z
Go to the Favorites tab or node Alt + F
Go to the location bar Ctrl + L
Revisit the last location in backward order Alt + Left Arrow key
Revisit the last location in forward order Alt + Right Arrow key
Go up one level in the item hierarchy Alt + Up Arrow key

Data Engineering View Shortcuts

Action ArcGIS Pro Shortcut keys
Open a Data Engineering view from a selected layer Ctrl + Shift + D
Calculate statistics for fields in the statistics table Ctrl + Alt + F5
Show all columns in the statistics table, if any are hidden Ctrl + Alt + C
Open the attribute table Ctrl + Alt + A
Open the fields view of the attribute table Ctrl + Alt + F
Turn the display of numeric fields on and off in the statistics table Ctrl + Alt + N
Turn the display of text fields on and off in the statistics table Ctrl + Alt + T
Turn the display of date fields on and off in the statistics table Ctrl + Alt + D
Switch between displaying field names and aliases in the fields panel Ctrl + Shift + A

Editing Shortcuts

Action ArcGIS Pro Shortcut keys
Open the Modify Features pane Ctrl + Shift + M
Open the Create Features pane Ctrl + Shift + C
Open the Attributes pane Ctrl + Shift + T
Show vertices T
Snapping Spacebar
Cancel edits Esc
Finish F2
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
(hold and select) Add the selected feature Shift
(hold and select) Remove the selected feature Ctrl
(hold and select) Select only this feature Ctrl + Shift
Copy the selection Ctrl + C
Paste the selection Ctrl + V
Edit the cell F2
Cancel the action Esc
Apply underline Ctrl + U
Apply all caps Ctrl + Shift + A
Apply lowercase Ctrl + Shift + K
Apply superscript Ctrl + Shift + +
Apply subscript Ctrl + =



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