60 MetaTrader 5 Keyboard Shortcuts

MetaTrader 5, the world’s most popular trading platform, offers features like backtesting and charting. Its end users mainly include brokers and retail traders. Choosing the right trading platform is crucial when selecting a broker.

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With the list of MetaTrader Shortcuts provided below, you can streamline your trading experience, make quicker decisions, and, most importantly, save precious time. This will allow you to allocate more time to actual trading. You can download the MetaTrader Shortcuts list in PDF format.

Most used MetaTrader Shortcuts

Action MetaTrader 4 Shortcut keys
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Undo Ctrl + Z
Print Ctrl + P
Open Setup Window Ctrl + O
Open or Close Tester Window Ctrl + R
Open or Close Terminal Window Ctrl + T
Open or Close Data Window Ctrl + D
Open or Close Market Watch Window Ctrl + M
Open or Close Navigator Window Ctrl + N
Enable or Disable Expert Advisor Ctrl + E
Enable Crosshair Ctrl + F
Show or Hide Grid Ctrl + G
Show or Hide OHLC Line Ctrl + H
Call Indicators List Window Ctrl + I
Show or Hide Volumes Ctrl + L
Arrange All indicators Windows heights by Default Ctrl + A
Call the Objects List Window Ctrl + B
Chart Zoom in +
Chart Zoom out
Delete the Latest Objects Imposed into the Chart Window Delete
Open or Close Navigation Window Enter
Display Chart as Sequence of Bar Alt + 1
Display Chart as Sequence of Candlesticks Alt + 2
Display Chart as Broken Line Alt + 3
Copy All Test or Optimisation Results into Clipboard Alt + A
Call Chart Managing Window Alt + W
Close Client Terminal Alt + F4
Undo Object Deletion Alt + Delete
Close Window Ctrl + W
Show or Hide Period Separation Ctrl + Y

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Navigation Shortcuts

Action MetaTrader 4 Shortcut keys
Move Chart to Start Point Home
Move Chart to End Point End
Delete All Selected Object Delete
Fast Chart Scrolling to Left Page Up key
Fast Chart Scrolling to Right Page Down key
Chart Scrolling Left Left Arrow key
Chart Scrolling Right Right Arrow key
Chart Scrolling Up Up Arrow key
Chart scrolling Down Down Arrow key

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Function keys Shortcuts

Action MetaTrader Shortcuts
Open Metatrader User Guide F1
Open History Center Window F2
Open Global Variables Window F3
Download Meta editor F4
Switch to Next Profile F5
Call Tester Window for Testing Expert Attached to the Chart F6
Call the properties Window of the expert F7
Call Chart Setup Window F8
Call New Order Window F9
Open PopUp Prices Window F10
Enable or Disable Full-Screen Mode F11
Move the Chart by One Bar to the Left F12
Move the Chart by One Bar to the Right Shift + F12
Activate Next Chart Window Ctrl + F6
Open Terminal Trade Window and Switch the focus to it Ctrl + F9
Revert to the Previous Profile Shift + F12

While the idea that MetaTrader shortcuts can make you a better trader may be a myth, they certainly can enhance your efficiency. These shortcuts are invaluable for seizing every trading opportunity that comes your way.

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