10 Transmission BT Keyboard Shortcuts

Transmission BT Shortcuts are among today’s most widely used BitTorrent client shortcuts. This free, open-source software enables users to seamlessly download and share files over the Internet. With a range of features catering to novice and advanced users, Transmission stands out as a popular choice in the torrenting community.

Download Transmission BT Shortcuts PDF

Below, you’ll find a list of Transmission BT Shortcut keys. Feel free to download the list in PDF format.

Most used Transmission BT Shortcut keys

Action Transmission Shortcuts Windows Transmission Shortcuts Mac
Resume Selected Torrents R R
Info Panel I I
Verify Selected Torrents V V
Stop Selected Torrents S S
Move Selected Torrents M M
Remove Selected Torrents D D
Confirm Dialog Enter Return
Cancel Dialogue Esc Esc
Toggle Preferences , ,
Toggle Turtle T T

qBittorrent is free software and serves as an alternative to Transmission BT. Take a quick look at the qBittorrent Shortcuts list as well.



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