20 Spanish Accents alt codes You Should Know

List of Spanish Accents alt codes

Learn Spanish Accents Alt Codes

Most used Spanish Accents Alt Codes

Action Symbol Alt Codes
A with accent Á Alt 0193
E with accent É Alt 0201
I with accent Í Alt 0205
O with accent Ó Alt 0211
U with accent Ú Alt 0218
a with accent á Alt 0225
e with accent é Alt 0233
i with accent í Alt 0237
o with accent ó Alt 0243
u with accent ú Alt 0250
N yeh Ñ Alt 165
n yeh ñ Alt 164
Inverted exclamation mark ¡ Alt 173
Inverted question mark ¿ Alt 168
a superscript ª Alt 166
o superscript º Alt 167
Euro Alt 0128

Download Spanish Accents alt codes PDF

Download Spanish Accents alt codes PDF


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