20 Spanish Accents alt codes

If you more often use the Spanish Accent in typing then you must opt for an international keyboard. But if you use it on occasion then you must know the full list of Spanish Accent Alt Codes. Because of these Alt Codes, fast typing in a foreign language was possible or else you would have spent ample hours in copy and pasting from websites.

Download Spanish Accents alt codes PDF

Below is the list of Spanish Accent Alt Codes that you can use. To use these shortcuts you must hold the Alt key and then type the three or four digits that are there in the list. Release the Alt key and there you will see a Spanish Accent on your screen. Download this list of Spanish Accent Alt Code Shortcuts in PDF form.

Most used Spanish Accents Alt Codes

Action Symbol Accents Alt Codes
A with accent Á Alt 0193
E with accent É Alt 0201
I with accent Í Alt 0205
O with accent Ó Alt 0211
U with accent Ú Alt 0218
a with accent á Alt 0225
e with accent é Alt 0233
i with accent í Alt 0237
o with accent ó Alt 0243
u with accent ú Alt 0250
N yeh Ñ Alt 165
n yeh ñ Alt 164
Inverted exclamation mark ¡ Alt 173
Inverted question mark ¿ Alt 168
a superscript ª Alt 166
o superscript º Alt 167
Euro Alt 0128

It took me some time to learn but eventually, I figured out how to type Spanish Accent. Don’t lose hope or worry if I did it you too can do it.! We have also listed articles on French Accent Alt Codes and German Accent Alt Codes. Have a detailed look.


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