IBM Rational DOORS Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Most used IBM Rational DOORS Shortcuts

Action IBM Rational DOORS Shortcut keys
Start Link Ctrl + I
Make Link FROM Start Ctrl + Shift + F
Make a Link TO Start Ctrl + Shift + M
New Object Ctrl + N
New Object Below Ctrl + L
Make Heading Ctrl + H


What is IBM Rational DOORS?

IBM Rational DOORS (Dynamic Object-Oriented Requirements System) is a requirements management tool developed by IBM. It is designed to help organizations capture, trace, analyze, and manage requirements throughout the development lifecycle of complex systems.

What industries can benefit from IBM Rational DOORS?

IBM Rational DOORS is used in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, defense, healthcare, telecommunications, and electronics. Any industry that deals with complex systems and has requirements management needs can benefit from using IBM Rational DOORS.

Can IBM Rational DOORS be integrated with other tools?

Yes, IBM Rational DOORS can be integrated with other tools commonly used in the software development lifecycle. It provides integration capabilities with various tools such as change management systems, test management tools, and project management solutions. Integration allows for seamless data exchange and ensures consistency across different stages of development.

What are the system requirements for IBM Rational DOORS?

The system requirements for IBM Rational DOORS can vary depending on the version and deployment option chosen. It is recommended to refer to the official IBM documentation or contact IBM support for the specific system requirements based on your deployment scenario.



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