60 Anim8or Keyboard Shortcuts

A 3D computer animation tool called Anim8or is designed to simplify the creation process. The program also includes a plethora of Anim8or shortcuts to assist you with your models. The field of 3D animation is not something an average person can simply pick up and excel at immediately. You will likely need to invest weeks or months to create anything substantial.

Download Anim8or Shortcuts PDF

When you start working with this software, you will find that the most important and beneficial feature is the Anim8or shortcuts. A list of Anim8or shortcuts is shown below, and it is also available for download as a PDF file.

Most Used Anim8or Shortcuts

Action Anim8or Hotkeys
New Project Ctrl + N
Open Project Ctrl + O
Save Project Ctrl + S
Save All Ctrl + Shift + S
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Cut Ctrl + X

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Object Editor Shortcuts

Action Anim8or Hotkeys
Edit Mode A
Viewpoint Mode V
Axis Mode O
Point Edit Mode P
World Coordinates W
Screen Coordinated J
Drag Select D
Move M
Rotate R
Scale S
Line L
Path P
UV Editor U
Sphere S
Cube C
Cylinder Y
Primitive Mesh U
Polygon G
Text T
Wrap Modifier W

Figure Editor Shortcuts

Action Anim8or Hotkeys
Edit Mode A
Viewpoint Mode V
Edit Bones E
Rotate Bone R
Bone Length L
New Bone N
Skin Project S
Show IK Controls I
Show Bones B

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Sequence Editor Shortcuts

Action Anim8or Hotkeys
Select A
Inverse Kinematics I
Stop Esc
Pause or Play Spacebar
Animate K

Toolbar Shortcuts

Action Anim8or Hotkeys
Wire Frame Ctrl + W
Flat Shaded Ctrl + F
Smooth Shaded Ctrl + U
Material Toolbar Ctrl + A
Arc Rotate Ctrl + R
Grid Snap Ctrl + G
Fast Select Ctrl + T
List Items Ctrl + L
Graph Editor Ctrl + P
CAS Annotation Ctrl + D

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ViewPoint Shortcuts

Action Anim8or Keyboard Shortcuts
Toggle 1/4 Views .
Camera View 1
Bottom View 2
Perspective View 3
Left View 4
Front View 5
Right View 6
Back view 7
Top View 8
Ortho View 9

Blender is a free and powerful 3D modeling software, whereas Synfig Studio is an open-source 2D animation software. Both of these programs serve as good alternatives to Anim8or. Patient professionals can work effectively with them, while those who lack patience might want to switch to these alternatives. Check out the lists of Synfig shortcuts.



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