20 ShareX Shortcuts for Windows

List of ShareX Shortcuts

Learn ShareX Shortcuts for Windows

Most used ShareX Shortcut keys

Action ShareX Shortcut keys
Capture area Ctrl + Print Screen
Capture entire screen Print Screen
Capture active window Alt + Print Screen
Start or stop recording screen Shift + Print Screen
Crop image C

Image Editor Shortcuts

Action ShareX Shortcut keys
Save image Ctrl + S
Save image as Ctrl + Shift + S
Copy image to clipboard Ctrl + Shift + C
Upload image Ctrl + U
Print image Ctrl + P

Drawing Tools Shortcuts

Action ShareX Shortcut keys
Rectangle R
Ellipse E
Freehand F
Line L
Arrow A
Text outline O
Text Background T
Speech balloon S
Step I
Blur B
Pixelate P

Download ShareX Shortcut keys PDF

Download ShareX Shortcuts PDF


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