20 ShareX Keyboard Shortcuts

ShareX is a productivity tool, and ShareX Shortcuts make capturing, editing, and sharing screenshots more convenient. ShareX offers not only a plethora of features but also an extensive array of shortcuts to enhance your efficiency with the tool.

Download ShareX Shortcuts PDF

ShareX shortcuts are invaluable when recording the screen. The list below includes shortcuts for taking screenshots, initiating and ending screen recordings, and editing and sharing those screenshots and recordings. You can download the ShareX Shortcuts list in PDF format.

Most used ShareX Shortcut keys

Action ShareX Shortcut keys
Capture area Ctrl + Print Screen
Capture entire screen Print Screen
Capture active window Alt + Print Screen
Start or stop recording the screen Shift + Print Screen
Crop image C

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Image Editor Shortcuts

Action ShareX Shortcut keys
Save image Ctrl + S
Save image as Ctrl + Shift + S
Copy the image to the clipboard Ctrl + Shift + C
Upload image Ctrl + U
Print image Ctrl + P

Drawing Tools Shortcuts

Action ShareX Shortcut keys
Rectangle R
Ellipse E
Freehand F
Line L
Arrow A
Text outline O
Text Background T
Speech balloon S
Step I
Blur B
Pixelate P

What sets ShareX apart from other screen-capturing software like Lightshot is its accessibility. While ShareX serves as an alternative to Windows’ built-in screenshot tool, Lightshot is also a user-friendly software that, much like ShareX, allows you to capture PC screenshots effortlessly. Explore the Lightshot shortcuts list.



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