50 Apple Mail Keyboard Shortcuts

Apple Mail is one of the most widely used apps. There will be times when you’ll need to learn Apple Mail shortcuts to speed things up a bit, especially when your emailing consumes most of your day.

Download Apple Mail Shortcuts PDF

With the provided list of Apple Mail shortcuts, you can navigate between emails, send, reply, forward, mark as unread, and perform many other activities efficiently. Download the Apple Mail Shortcuts list in PDF format.

Most used Apple Mail Shortcuts

Action Apple Mail Shortcuts
Get New Mail Command + Shift + N
Go to Inbox Command + 1
Open message viewer Command + O
Use selected text in the search Command + E
Add sender to address book Command + Shift + Y
Go to other items in the favorites Command + 2…9
Apply the Rule to the selected message Command + Option + L
Jump to the search field Command + Option + E

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Formatting Shortcuts

Action Apple Mail Shortcuts
Copy Command + Option + C
Paste Command + Option + V
Check Spelling Command + Shift + ;
Fonts panel Command + T
Colors panel Command + Shift + C
Align Right Command + Shift + ]
Align Left Command + Shift + [
Align Center Command + Shift + |

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Sending Message Shortcuts

Action Apple Mail Shortcut keys
New Message Command + N
Send Message Command + Shift + D
Save Draft Command + S
Forward Message Command + Shift + F
Attach File Command + Shift + A
Show or Hide bcc field Command + Option + B

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Receive Message Shortcuts

Action Apple Mail Shortcuts
Flag Message Command + Shift + L
Reply to Message Command + R
Reply to All Command + Shift + R
Move the message to the same box you just did Command + Option + T
Mark as read or unread Command + Shift + U
Mark as junk mail Command + Shift + J
View raw message content Command + Option + U

Editing Shortcuts

Action Apple Mail Shortcuts
Bold Command + B
Underline Command + U
Italic Command + I
Indent items in a list Command + ]
Outdent items in a list Command + [
Make font size bigger Command + +
Make font size smaller Command + –
Undo changes to an email message Command + Z
Redo changes to an email message Command + Shift + Z
Select all email messages Command + A
Print Command + P
Save as a draft Command + S
Reply to sender Command + Shift + R
Mark email as Junk or Not Junk Command + Shift + J
Mark email as Read or Unread Command + Shift + U
Send email message Command + Shift + D
Toggle between Reply and Reply All Command + Shift + R
Flag or unflag email Command + Shift + L
Archive an email message Command + Down Arrow key
Compose a new email message Option + Shift + N
Delete a selected message or folder Delete
Open the selected message in a new window Return
Scroll through the selected messages Spacebar

I understand there are numerous Apple Mail shortcut keys, but there are some essential ones worth remembering, or at least worth giving a try. An excellent alternative to Apple Mail is Thunderbird. It is free, open-source, and cross-platform. Take a look at the Thunderbird shortcuts listed on our website.


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