70 Synfig Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Most used Synfig Shortcuts

Action Synfig Shortcuts
New composition Ctrl + N
Open composition Ctrl + O
Toggle Onion Skin Alt + O
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Cut Ctrl + X
Redo Ctrl + R
Undo Ctrl + Z
Save Ctrl + S
Closes the current animation document Ctrl + W
Select all Handles Ctrl + A
Select all Layers Ctrl + Shift + A
Deselect all Handles Ctrl + D
Deselect all layers Ctrl + Shift + D
Toggle Grid show Ctrl + G
Import file (synfig project, image, image sequence, sound, video) Ctrl + I
Toggle grid snap Ctrl + L
Play the current animation in the work area Ctrl + P
Quit Synfig Studio Ctrl + Q
Toggle low/high-resolution (defaults to low resolution) Ctrl + `
Change the current rendering quality (lower is better, but 0==10) Ctrl + 0…9
Toggle display of Position Handles Alt + 1
Toggle display of Vertex Handles Alt + 2
Toggle display of Tangent Handles Alt + 3
Toggle display of Radius Handles Alt + 4
Toggle display of Width Handles Alt + 5
Toggle display of Angle Handles Alt + 6
Zoom out of Canvas (spacial zoom) Ctrl + –
Zoom in on Canvas (spacial zoom) Ctrl + =
Zoom canvas to 100% (spacial zoom) Ctrl + Shift + Z
Zoom out of the timeline (temporal zoom) Ctrl + _
Zoom in on the timeline (temporal zoom) Ctrl + +
Move backward one frame Ctrl + ,
Move forward one frame Ctrl + .
Move backward one second Ctrl + <
Move forward one second Ctrl + >
Move backward to the previous Keyframe Ctrl + [
Move forward to the next Keyframe Ctrl + ]
Jump to the beginning of the timeline Home
Jump to the end of the timeline End
Decrease work area pixel size Ctrl + (
Increase work area pixel size Ctrl + )
Decrease Amount of selected layer Ctrl + Alt + (
Increase the Amount of selected layer Ctrl + Alt + )
Raise currently selected layers Shift + Page Up key
Lower currently selected layers Shift + Page Down key
Canvas Properties F8
Render F9
Preview F11
Canvas Options (Grid size, etc.) F12
Delete the currently selected Canvas Ctrl + Delete
Select the immediate parent Group Layer of the current Selected Layer Backspace

Tools Shortcuts

Action Synfig Shortcut keys
Select Transform Tool Alt + A
Select Smooth Move Tool Alt + V
Select Scale Tool Alt + S
Select Rotate Tool Alt + T
Select Mirror Tool Alt + M
Select Circle Tool Alt + C
Select Rectangle Tool Alt + R
Select Star Tool Alt + Q
Select Gradient Tool Alt + G
Select Polygon Tool Alt + P
Select Spline Tool Alt + B
Select Text Tool Alt + X
Select Fill Tool Alt + F
Select Eyedrop Tool Alt + E
Select Zoom Tool Alt + Z
Select Draw Tool Alt + D
Select Sketch Tool Alt + K
Select Width Tool Alt + W



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