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30 Rhythmbox Keyboard Shortcuts

The Rhythmbox Shortcuts are designed to streamline the organization and tagging of digital music files. With an interface inspired by Apple’s iTunes, Rhythmbox serves as a comprehensive multimedia application, offering features such as radio FM and podcast support.

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To maximize the utility of its features, Rhythmbox provides a range of shortcuts. Below is a comprehensive list of these shortcuts, aimed at enhancing your efficiency and user experience. You can download the Rhythmbox Shortcuts list in PDF format.

Most used Rhythmbox Shortcuts

Action Rhythmbox Shortcuts
New playlist Ctrl + N
Add an internet radio station Ctrl + I
Add podcast feed Ctrl + P
Add a folder to the music library Ctrl + O
Track properties Alt + Enter
Select all Ctrl + A
Deselect all Ctrl + Shift + A
Extract audio from CD Ctrl + E
Jump to the currently playing track Ctrl + J
Focus and clear the search box Ctrl + Y

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Window Shortcuts

Action Rhythmbox Shortcuts
Show or hide music browser Ctrl + B
Show the playlist in the sidebar Ctrl + K
Hide the playlist in the sidebar Ctrl + Shift + T
Show or hide the side pane F9
Toggle the small display mode Ctrl + D
Toggle fullscreen mode F11
Close window Ctrl + W
Quit program Ctrl + Q
Help F1

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Playback Shortcuts

Action Rhythmbox Shortcut keys
Play or pause Ctrl + P
Jump to the previous track Alt + Left Arrow key
Jump to the next track Alt + Right Arrow key
Toggle repeat mode Ctrl + R
Toggle shuffle mode Ctrl + U
Volume up Ctrl + Up Arrow key
Volume down Ctrl + Down Arrow key

Just as Rhythmbox draws inspiration from the iTunes interface, it can also serve as an alternative to iTunes. iTunes offers users a centralized platform for managing music, movies, and podcasts, making it an excellent option for Mac users seeking an alternative to Rhythmbox. Explore the shortcuts available in iTunes. For Linux users, Clementine, an open-source music player, presents a compelling alternative. Take a look at the Clementine Shortcuts list as well.



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