30 Rhythmbox Shortcuts for Linux

List of Rhythmbox Shortcuts

Learn Rhythmbox Shortcuts for Linux

Most used Rhythmbox Shortcuts

Action Rhythmbox Shortcut keys
New playlist Ctrl + N
Add internet radio station Ctrl + I
Add podcast feed Ctrl + P
Add folder to the music library Ctrl + O
Track properties Alt + Enter
Select all Ctrl + A
Deselect all Ctrl + Shift + A
Extract audio from CD Ctrl + E
Jump to currently playing track Ctrl + J
Focus and clear the search box Ctrl + Y

Window Shortcuts

Action Rhythmbox Shortcut keys
Show or hide music browser Ctrl + B
Show playlist in the sidebar Ctrl + K
Hide playlist in the sidebar Ctrl + Shift + T
Show or hide side pane F9
Toggle small display mode Ctrl + D
Toggle fullscreen mode F11
Close window Ctrl + W
Quit program Ctrl + Q
Help F1

Playback Shortcuts

Action Rhythmbox Shortcut keys
Play or pause Ctrl + P
Jump to the previous track Alt + Left Arrow key
Jump to next track Alt + Right Arrow key
Toggle repeat mode Ctrl + R
Toggle shuffle mode Ctrl + U
Volume up Ctrl + Up Arrow key
Volume down Ctrl + Down Arrow key

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