45 Thinkorswim Keyboard Shortcuts

Thinkorswim Hotkeys

TD Ameritrade offers Thinkorswim as an electronic trading platform. It comes with thinkScript, which enables users to create their own tools for designing unique graphics.

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Learn Thinkorswim Shortcuts for Windows

Most used Thinkorswim Shortcuts

Action Thinkorswim Hotkeys
Home screen Ctrl + H
Monitor Ctrl + 1
Trade Ctrl + 2
Analyze Ctrl + 3
Scan Ctrl + 4
MarketWatch Ctrl + 5
Charts Ctrl + 6
Tools Ctrl + 7
Help Ctrl + 8
Back Ctrl + `
Next tab Ctrl + Tab
Previous tab Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Next sub-tab Ctrl + Alt + Tab
Previous sub-tab Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Tab
Sub tab 1 Alt + 1
Sub tab 2 Alt + 2
Sub tab 3 Alt + 3
Sub tab 4 Alt + 4
Sub tab 5 Alt + 5
Sub tab 6 Alt + 6
Sub tab 7 Alt + 7
Sub tab 8 Alt + 8
Sub tab 9 Alt + 9
Lock application Ctrl + Alt + L
Select/unselect Ctrl + Spacebar

Active Trader Shortcuts

Action Thinkorswim Hotkeys
Zoom in Alt + [
Zoom out Alt + ]
Reset zoom Alt + \
Flat position Alt + F
Reverse position Alt + R
Auto send on / off Alt + A
Buy @mkt Alt + B
Sell @mkt Alt + S

thinkScript Editor Shortcuts

Action Thinkorswim Hotkeys
Autocomplete Ctrl + Spacebar
Help Ctrl + Shift + /

Chart Shortcuts

Action Thinkorswim Hotkeys
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Shift + Z
Duplicate drawing Spacebar
Edit studies Ctrl + E
Settings Ctrl + S
Time frame setup Ctrl + T
Zoom in Ctrl + +
Zoom out Ctrl + –


What are Thinkorswim shortcuts?

Thinkorswim shortcuts are keyboard combinations that allow you to quickly access various functions and features in the Thinkorswim trading platform.

Why should I use Thinkorswim shortcuts?

Using Thinkorswim shortcuts can save you time and increase your efficiency while using the platform. Instead of clicking through menus and options, you can quickly perform tasks and access features with a few keystrokes.

How do I access the list of Thinkorswim shortcuts?

To access the list of Thinkorswim shortcuts, click on the Setup menu in the top right corner of the platform, then select Application Settings. From there, click on the Keyboard Shortcuts tab to see the full list of available shortcuts.

What are some commonly used Thinkorswim Hotkeys?

Some commonly used Thinkorswim Hotkeys include: Ctrl + B: Buy, Ctrl + S: Sell, Ctrl + F: Search for symbols, Ctrl + R: Create a new alert, Ctrl + T: Create a new chart, Ctrl + P: Print chart


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