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20 Novelty Visual Novel Maker Shortcuts

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Learn Novelty Visual Novel Maker Shortcuts for Windows

Most Used Novelty Visual Novel Maker Shortcuts

Action Novelty Visual Novel Shortcuts
Toggle navigator windows Alt + N
Toggle Assets window Alt + A
Toggle Actions window Alt + E
Toggle Properties window Alt + P
Toggle Script editor Alt + S
Toggle all windows Ctrl + Window key
Selection Left Mouse Click
Context menu Right Mouse Click
Add to selection Shift + Left Mouse Click
Remove from selection Ctrl + Left Mouse Click
Multiple selection Left Mouse Click
Move object(s) Left Mouse Click
Pan scene Mouse Scroll key
Zoom in/out Ctrl + Mouse Scroll key
(hold object) Snap to grid Shift
(hold object) Resize mode Ctrl
(hold object) Pivot mode Ctrl + Shift + Alt
Copy selection Ctrl + C
Cut Selection Ctrl + X
Paste objects Ctrl + V



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