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Chart Shortcuts

Action TradingView Shortcuts
Open indicators /
Load chart layout .
Save chart layout Ctrl + S
Start typing to display the symbol search window A-Z
Change interval 1-9
Move chart 1 bar to the left Left Arrow key
Move chart 1 bar to the right Right Arrow key
Move further to the left Ctrl + Left Arrow key
Move further to the right Ctrl + Right Arrow key
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Switch between charts in a multi-chart layout Tab
Toggle maximize chart Alt + Enter
Toggle maximize pane Left Mouse Click
Add alert Alt + A
Go to date Alt + G
Add text note for symbol Alt + N
Take snapshot Alt + S
Reset chart Alt + R
Invert series scale Alt + I
Enable/disable logarithmic series scale Alt + L
Enable/disable percent series scale Alt + P
Add symbol to watchlist Alt + W
Focused zoom Ctrl + Mouse Scroll

Watchlists/Screener Shortcuts

Action TradingView Shortcuts
Next symbol Down Arrow key
Previous symbol Up Arrow key
Flag / unflag symbol Alt + Enter
Select all symbols Ctrl + A
Select next symbol Shift + Down Arrow key
Select the previous symbol Shift + Up Arrow key

Indicators/Drawings Shortcuts

Action TradingView Shortcuts
(click Eraser) Partially erase Ctrl + Left Mouse key
(hold) Gann Box fixed increments Shift
Measure tool Shift + Left Mouse Key
Copy selected object Ctrl + C
Paste object Ctrl + V
Horizontal line Alt + H
Vertical line Alt + V
Cross line Alt + C

Trading Shortcuts

Action TradingView Shortcuts
Place market order to buy Shift + B
Place market order to sell Shift + S
(click in the DOM cell) Place stop order Ctrl + Left Mouse key

Pine Editor Shortcuts

Action TradingView Shortcuts
New script Ctrl + I
Save script Ctrl + S
Open Script Ctrl + O
Add script to the chart Ctrl + Enter
Open pine script reference Ctrl + Left Mouse key
Toggle console Ctrl + `
Go to word left Ctrl + Left Arrow key
Go to word right Ctrl + Right Arrow key
Go to line start Home
Go to the line end End
Go to start Ctrl + Home
Go to end Ctrl + End
Select line start Shift + Home
Select line end Shift + End
Select up Shift + Up Arrow key
Select down Shift + Down Arrow key
Remove line Ctrl + D
Copy lines up Alt + Shift + Up Arrow key
Copy lines down Alt + Shift + Down Arrow key
Move lines up Alt + Up Arrow key
Move lines down Alt + Down Arrow key
Remove to the line end Alt + Delete
Remove to line start Alt + Backspace
Remove word left Ctrl + Backspace
Remove word right Ctrl + Delete
Autocomplete Ctrl + Spacebar
Multi-line commenting Ctrl + /
Indent right Tab
Indent left Shift + Tab
Multi-cursor Ctrl + Alt + Up & Down Arrow key



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